Verification of Service After 25 Years

Whenever the employees are going to retire from Government service then it is mandatory to complete the proforma regarding verification of service after 25 years. Government Servants can be retired on completion of 25 years qualifying service. It is accordingly necessary to ensure that when the career of a Government Servant is reviewed he should have actually completed 25 year qualifying service.

Verification of 25 Years Qualification Service

The prescribed proforma should be filled, In each case relating to a Government Servant and should be sent to the Audit Officer concerned so that Part-II of the Proforma is filled by the Audit Officer and transmitted back to duly verified, to the administrative authority concerned.

This exercise should be undertaken well in advance of the date on which the Government Servant would complete 25 years qualifying service, so that the formal certificate of the Audit Office is available to the competent authority in time, if is decides to retire the Government Servant.

The orders of the Competent authority regarding the retirement of a government servant should be passed only after the receipt of the formal certificate from the Audit Officer concerned as in Part-II of the proforma.

25 Years Service Verification Form 2021

Part-I: (To be completed by the office/department in which the Government Servant is serving)

  1. Name of Government Servant
  2. Father’s Name
  3. Nationality
  4. Post held
  5. Date of Birth
  6. Date of Commencement of Service
  7. Date of completion of 25 years qualifying service
  8. Details of completion of 25 years qualifying service

a). Length of service, including interruption, etc (No.7-8)

b). Add:

i). Military service, if any, which has been allowed to count as qualifying for pension.

ii). Any other addition to qualifying service

c). Total Length of Service (a) + (b)

d). Deduct:-

i). Extraordinary leave

ii). Suspension not treated as duty or leave

iii). Periods of break in Service

iv). Service rendered before break if break not condoned

v). Service forfeited by resignation

vi). Unauthorized absence

Total (i) to (v)

e). Net Qualifying Service.


Verification of Service After 25 Years

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