Verification Regarding Rationalization of PST, EST, SST Teachers

Verification Regarding Rationalization

For verification regarding Rationalization, make a lists of your Teachers (PSTs / ESEs Initially and other categories afterwards) from the schools where the Surplus teachers are visible on

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1). Teachers going to be retired within 1 year under superannuation

2). Teachers who have applied for retirement (Issuance of their retirement notification should be ensured)

3). Any of the teachers Wrongly showing in List of teaching staff at SIS and needs to be removed by:

i). Transfer to other school

ii). Retirement

iii). Deportation etc.

4. List of Teachers on Strength of School but not in Staff List at SIS App.

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Each list must have the following columns:

1. EMIS Code

2. Name of School

3. Name of Teacher

4. Designation

5. Gender

6. Date of Joining in Present School

7. CNIC No.

8. Status

9. Remarks

These lists, I have soft form and duly verified and signed by the concerned DEOs in hard form must reach in the office of CEO DEA.

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