Video Viral on Social Media Falsely Claim DG Anti Corruption Sindh

Sindh Govt, Enquiries & Anticorruption Establishment Services General Administration and Coordination Department has issued the official notification on 1st August 2021 in connection with action against those involved in making a video viral falsely attribute to enquiries & anticorruption establishment Sindh. The further details are given below;

Action Against Involved in Video Viral of Director Anticorruption

The Sindh government’s Anti-Corruption Inquiries Establishment has sent Additional Director Cyber ​​Crime Wing to the Federal Investigation Agency (FIA) for a dancing video on social media in which a couple is dancing and naming the man as Director-General Anti-Corruption Sindh. Action has been recommended against the makers and uploaders of the video, this video is affecting the reputation of Sindh Anti-Corruption Department, caption of the Director General of Sindh has been given on the fake video.

I am directed to refer to the subject noted above and to state a video has been made viral on Social Media showing a dancing couple falsely claiming that the man in the video is Director-General Anticorruption Sindh.

It is informed that there is no position of Director General Enquiries & Anticorruption Establishment (E&ACE) Sindh and the said man has no connection whatsoever with E&ACE Sindh in any capacity. However, the video is an embarrassment for E&ACE Sindh and has negatively impacted its reputation.

Therefore, it is requested to please identify the people responsible bøth for initiating the said video and making it viral and take action against them.

Video Viral on Social Media Falsely Claim DG Anti Corruption Sindh

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