Wedlock Policy of Serving Husband/Wife

Govt of Pakistan, Cabinet Secretariat Establishment Division has issued the official Notification letter regarding wedlock policy of serving husband/wife.

The undersigned is directed to state that Government has taken note of the socio-economic problems and hardships faced by husbands and wives in Government service due to posting at different stations of duty.

Wedlock Policy Rules 2021

it has been decided to prescribed the following rules to facilitates posting of husband and wife at the same station:

When Husband & Wife Working in Same Department:

When the request is made for posting at different stations in the same cadre/service/department in which an employee is already working, subject to the availability of post in the same Basic Pay Scale, the request may be accepted.

In case of Temporary Deputation:

If a request is made for temporary deputation to the other department, it may be processed with the consultation of the other department and it may be accepted on the standard terms & conditions of deputation and subject to the availability of the post in the same Basic Pay Scale.

In Case Permanent Transfer/Absorption:

When a request is made for permanent transfer to/absorption in another department/agency, the request may be processed in consultation with the department concerned, subject to the condition that in the event of permanent transfer, seniority shall be determined in accordance with Rule-4 of the Civil Servants (Seniority) Rules, 1993.

Service Length May be Preferred:

If there is a tie between two or more Government servants for the posting same station in the same department/unit of an organization, the government servant with great length of service may be preferred.

In Case of Medical Problems:

Request for posting by a spouse serious medical problems may be accorded highest priority.

In case of Deputation Period:

Spouse already posted at one station, including deputation posting beyond the prescribed maximum period, may not be disturbed without compelling reasons of the public interest. If the public interest would permit then on request for extension in deputation period beyond the permissible limit may be considered with compassion.

Terms & Conditions

The above guidelines are subject to the following terms & conditions:

  • Posting of Husband and Wife at the same station, should not be made by dislocation of any Govt Employee who is already serving at a specific station unless the transfer of the employee is necessary by compelling public interest reasons or within framework of general policy of posting and transfer.
  • The prescribed selection authority should be consulted in each case.

All the Government servants whose spouses are in Government service may be asked to furnish at the end of every calendar year the particular of their spouses to their controlling Ministries/Divisions so as to facilitate maintenance of ICP Charts and upto-date monitoring of the situation.

The above wedlock policy rules may be circulated to the autonomous bodies under the charge of Ministries / Divisions for adoption, with such modifications, as may be considered necessary.

Wedlock Policy of Serving Husband Wife

Wedlock Policy of Serving Husband Wife (Transfer policy)

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