What are the Terms and Conditions of Contract Appointment

If you are going to apply for any contract job or already working in any Punjab Government department then you must have essential knowledge regarding about contract employment. Now you can read here the terms and conditions of contract appointment;

Contract Appointment Terms and Conditions as Employee

(i) The terms and conditions of contract shall be settled by the  Administrative Department in accordance with the provisions of this Policy and the terms and conditions specified thereunder, where appointment is made in prescribed pay scale of the post.

(ii) Where appointment is made on a pay package other than the basic pay scales, the terms and conditions of appointment shall be settled by the Administrative Department in consultation with the Finance Department as per approval of the Chief Minister, obtained on the recommendations of the Contract Appointment Regulations Committee.

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(iii) In all contracts, it shall be clearly provided that the services of the contract employee are liable to be terminated on one month’s notice or on payment of one month’s pay in lieu thereof, on either side, without assigning any reason.

(iv) Comprehensive guidelines for fixing terms & conditions of contract appointments are given at Annexure B. The Departments/organizations must strictly abide by these guidelines.

(v) Appointment/service on contract basis shall be non-pensionable.

(vi) A contract employee shall, under no circumstances, claim conversion of his contract appointment into regular appointment.

What are the Terms and Conditions of Contract Appointment

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