What is Adhoc Appointment [ESTA CODE]

It is utmost important to know everything about Civil servants rules and EstaCode. If you are part of a government employees structure then you must have to know about the term “Adhoc Appointment“. Sometimes, you see in your documents written these words and you dont have enough knowledge to understand the actual meaning;

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Adhoc Appointment means appointment of a duly qualified person made otherwise than in accordance with the prescribed method of recruitment, pending recruitment in accordance with such method.


Probation: An initial appointment to a service or post referred to in section 5, not being an ad hoc appointment, shall be on probation as may be prescribed.

For making adhoc appointment, the vacancies should be advertised in the Press, indicating the requirements of Recruitment Rules and regional quota, i.e. requisite qualifications/experience/age/domicile etc. it should be ensured that there is no disparity in the regional distribution of vacancies, referred to FPSC and advertised for adhoc appointment through Press.

In the advertisement for adhoc appointment, it should clearly be stated that appointment on ad hoc basis shall be for six months, or till the availability of FPSC-nominees, whichever is earlier.

In the case of adhoc appointments to Grade-17 and above, approval should be obtained through a “Summary” to be signed by the Secretary (or Addl. Secretary, if there is no Secretary) of the Ministry concerned, and sent to the Establishment Division for the purpose.

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In the letter/notification, relating to ad hoc appointment, it should specifically be stated that the candidate is being appointed on adhoc basis for six months, or till the availability of FPSC-nominee, whichever is earlier.

No adhoc appointment will be made in any Basic Pay Scales. In unavoidable circumstances, such appointments will be made with the specific permission of the Prime Minister. No such appointment shall be regularized under any circumstances.

What is Adhoc Appointment

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  1. an employee who originally is in BS-15 and appointed in Bs-18 on adhoc appointment and continue for adhoc over a period of 5-6 years and then subsequently promoted to bs-18 , what will be the status of increments during adhoc period ? Will these increments lost after expiry of adhoc period or will merge towards new scale?


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