What is Contract Appointment of Civil Servants

If you want to understand the infrastructure of Punjab Govt Policies then you must have sufficient knowledge about contract appointment of civil servants.

Contract Appointment of Civil Servants

(i) Appointment on contract basis is to be made through the appropriate selection committees as notified by the

(ii) Under the provisions of Rule 4 of the Punjab Public  Service Commission (Functions) Rules, 1978, contract appointments are excluded from the purview of the PPSC. However the Departments should preferably adopt the channel of PPSC even for contractual appointment against posts, which otherwise fall within the purview of PPSC under Sub Head V above, by seeking relaxation of Rule 4 ibid from the Chief Minister.

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(iii) The Service Rules applicable to various posts shall be applicable also in case of appointment on contract basis. If, however, the Service Rules for a post have not been framed, the departments are advised to get them framed in consultation with the Regulations Wing of S&GAD and with approval of the Chief Minister.

(iv) Where Service Rules for posts to be filled on contract basis are not available or where the department intends to adopt qualifications etc., different from those provided in the Service Rules, comprehensive criteria regarding proposed qualification, experience, age, appointing authority etc., may be got approved from the Chief Minister after consultation with the Regulations Wing, as per provisions of sub head VII-2 below.

(v) As a result of shift towards contract appointment, the feeding cadres for posts required to be filled by promotion under the relevant service rules, are expected to diminish. This means that after sometime, regular Government servants may not be available for appointment to posts reserved for promotion under the rules. In order to ensure that the posts do not remain vacant simply on the grounds that regular employees are not available in the feeding cadre for promotion, the Departments should review the existing service rules and propose appropriate amendments so as to add a provision that, “if none is available by promotion then by initial recruitment.” Moreover, the qualification, age and experience for initial appointment against such posts shall also be got incorporated in the service rules, if it does not exist already, by placing the case before the Service Rules Committee.

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(vi) To provide better prospects for selection (on contract) against higher posts to the contract employees, the departments should carry out an exercise to rationalize the existing service rules. With the depletion of regular employees in the feeding cadre, the percentage of posts reserved for promotion should be reviewed.

(vii) Persons appointed on contract basis are not civil servants, therefore; their service matters shall not be governed by the rules framed under the Civil Servants Act, 1974. Their appointment shall be strictly regulated by the terms and conditions of their contract.

(viii) Appointment on contract basis shall be non-pensionable.

What is Contract Appointment of Civil Servants

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