Minimum Support Wheat Price in Pakistan 2022 Crop

The Government of Punjab, Agriculture Department has issued the official notification on 25th February 2022 in connection with Minimum Support Wheat price in Pakistan 2022 Crop.

Wheat Price in Pakistan Today 2022

In continuation of this Department’s letter of even No, dated 13.10.2021. I am directed to state that representatives of different farmer associations expressed then serious concerns / reservations over support price of wheat @ Rs. 1.950/- per 40 Kg, terming it inconsistent when compared to rising costs of inputs e.g. fertilizers, electricity and diesel etc.

In this regard, the cost of production of wheat crop for FY 2021-22 was re-estimated and Minimum Support Price of Wheat @ Rs.2,200/- per 40 Kg was considered suitable.

I am, therefore, directed to convey the endorsement of Provincial Cabinet of the Punjab regarding Minimum Support Price of the Wheat for 2021-22 Crop @ Rs.2,200/- per 40 Kg.

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Minimum Support Wheat Price in Pakistan 2022 Crop

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