Why Do You Salute to All the Teachers

According to the instruction of Additional Inspector General of Police Hyderabad Region, on the occasion of “World Teacher’s Day” regarding Why Do You Salute to All the Teachers.

Notification of Order To salute the teachers

This is with reference to “World Teacher’s Day” which is celebrated throughout the world including Pakistan on 5th October, every year.

You may concur that Teachers are actually the builders of a nation and none of the human beings could achieve their goals without altruistic efforts of a Teacher. No doubt, teachers are unsung heroes of our society. In developed countries, the Teachers are given extraordinary attention, respect and enviable treatment by not only the government functionaries but also by the Courts.


Therefore, it is directed that all Police officers from the rank of Constable to Inspector shall make it a point that they would salute whenever they meet any Teacher or a Teacher arrives at any Police station. They shall be treated with utmost respect & accorded top priority and their issues would be resolved as early us possible on merit.

Please ensure that above directions shall be conveyed to all members of die force working under your able command for compliance in letter and spirit.

The copy of the notification regarding Salute to All the Teachers has been given below for the information of concerned persons.


Why Do You Salute to All the Teachers

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