How Much Increase Salary in Budget 2024-25

The Government employees of Pakistan are always looking to search latest news about how much increase salary in Budget 2024-25. The coming budget 2024-25 is expecting to be announce on 2024. Due to rapidly increasing the ratio of inflation that is why, we are expecting more from Govt of Pakistan to increase salary of employees upto 50 percent minimum. The following salaries are increased in federal and all other provinces;

New Pension system proposed For Budget 2024-25:

The Government is working to reduce the pension load on the treasury. For the said purpose the Government has already constituted a pay and pension committee. There are chances that Government will introduce a new pension system soon. Govt may introduce a contributory pension system.

No Increase of Basic Salary after 25 Years’ service

There may be 2 points in this regard.

  • The government may not increase the basic pay and keep the allowances as separate heads whenever new scales introduce. The new scale may work for employees having less than 25 years of service.
  • The 2nd option as per my opinion is that the employees having 25 years of service or more will get the benefit of the revised pay scales. In this option, as you know that when we calculate pension we maximum use 30 years of service. If the employee has more than 30 years of service we don’t count for the pension calculation. As I already mentioned the full details regarding the calculation of pension and commute. Now the Government may reduce the same number from 30 to 25. Govt may not consider service for more than 25 years.

15% to 20% increase in Pay and Pension

The Government may grant a 15% to 25% Adhoc Relief Allowance as the new revised pay scales 2022 and new pension system may be late.

 Increase Salary in Budget 2021-22 Punjab, Sindh, KPK

One again; I congratulate to all the Government employees who will get 25% salary increase before the Budget 2024-25.  The Government representatives of Federal Minister for Defence Pervez Khattak, Federal Minister for Interior Sheikh Rashid Ahmed and Minister of state for Parliamentary Affairs Ali Muhammad Khan and representatives of Federal Government Employees has agreed on the following principle;

  1. Disparity Reduction Allowance @ 25% of the basic pay of BPS-2017 shall be allowed to those civil employees in BPS (1-19) of the Federal Government (including employees of Federal Secretariat and attached departments) who have never been allowed additional salary equal to or more than 100% of the basic pay (whether frozen or not) or performance allowance w.e.f. 01 March, 2021.
  2. The posts BPS (1-16) or equivalent will be upgraded on the pattern of Government of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa w.e.f. 01 March, 2021.
  3. The grant of time-scale will also be considered for adoption on the same pattern in the next budget.
  4. Adhoc Relief Allowance will also be considered to be made part of the basic salary w.e.f. July, 2021.
  5. The provinces will be recommended for adoption of above from their own resources

We are demanding from PTI Government to announce phenomenal budget 2024-25 of the history for employees of Pakistan and request from everyone to raise your voice in comments.

Salary Increase in Budget 2024-25 Pakistan

The PML-N Government has increase 15% Salary with merging of previous adhoc relief allowances and also increase the 15% Pension to all the pensioners. The conveyance allowance has also been increase upto 100%. There are many other benefits have been announced in the budget 2024-25. If you want to read the facilities provided to all the government employees then open the below link for more information.

Basic salary of Government employees is expected to be increased upto 100% for the Grade-1 to Grade-22.

According to the Media reports, the basic decision of increasing salary has been taken by the Federal Services Committee of Dr. Ishrat Hussain. The salaries will be adjusted according to the salary package of 2017 with the following criteria given below;

Salary Package Expected in Budget 2024-25 Pakistan

Basic Pay Scale

Expected Salary increased in Budget 2024-25


Min 5000 to  Max 7000

Min 5500 to  Max 7500


Min 6000 to  Max 8000

Min 6500 to  Max 8500


Min 7000 to  Max 9000

Min 7500 to  Max 9500


Min 8000 to  Max 10,000

Min 8500 to  Max 10,500


Min 9000 to  Max 11,000

Min 9500 to  Max 11,500


Min 10,000 to  Max 12,000

Min 10,500 to  Max 12,500


Min 11,000 to  Max 13,000

Min 11,500 to  Max 13,500


Min 12,000 to  Max 14,000

Min 12,500 to  Max 14,500


Min 13,000 to  Max 15,000

Min 13,500 to  Max 15,500


Min 14,000 to  Max 16,000

Min 14,500 to  Max 18,000


Min 15,000 to  Max 19,000

Min 15,500 to  Max 20,000

100% Salary Increase in Coming Budget


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    • This increase is about the federal secretariat employees but i want to ask about those federal employees who are not working in secretariat but they are under federal govt , so what about those employees

  1. Assalamualikum, the inflation rate has increased too much, in this scenario, it is very difficult for the government employees specially for low paid employes is very difficult to survival. Besides this there is a very much difference in pay scales of different government organizations. It is thererefore, necessary to bring to the notice of the government to kindly adopt a unform Salary package for all government departments e.e. Minimum National Pay Scale-MNPS System. It also requested that the departmental heads may be allowed/authorised for grant of Honrarium, Yearly Bonus salary on occasion of Eids, Christmass, and on ocassion of religious days of minorities as a tip from the available earnings/revenues of their respective departments. Many departments earn a huge amount of revenues adn earnings from various sources, but unfortunately they do not give any benefits to their employees out of the earned money.

      • Assalamualikum, thanks for your reply of dated 23-1-2020. I hereby once again mention here, that the matter is not only to raise the salaries of government employees, but the matter is to raise the salary according to the inflation rate. An evaluation Committee is required to be constituted to carry out market survey of edible items as well as other neccessary household items and utility charges, school fees, etc and compare it with the salaries of employees from low grade to high grade. because the lower employees have their own expenditures and the highers are their own according to their affairs. It is also neccessary to bring into the notice of the economic experts/planners and high ups to adopt a Uniform Minimum National Pay Scales-UMNPS for all federal employees and a living allowance/family allowance may be given to those employees who keep a large family members and their minimum expenditures are out of their economy and they are unable to meet their day to day expendirures from their existing salaries. The raise of salary of govt employees is not a big problem, they are serving in behalf of the government of Pakistan and it is a big source of circulation of money, they take salary and investing it inside the country and paying tax, utility bills, and the salary of govt employees is a main source of circulation of wealth inside the country. In the present pay structure, survival is difficult for many low paid government employees and the salaries of high ups are also not according to their abilities and expertise, as many expert and professional people prefer to go abroad in search of jobs or to prefer to join private sector as well NGOs etc. Therefore, the trend of granting executive allowance to a particular group is totally injustice with other employees as all the government employees from Naib Qasid to high level beurucrats are playing a vital role in furtherance of government policies and official work. If Executive allowance is granted to the high ups, therefore a “Survival Allowance” or any other incentive may also be granted to the lower grade employees in order to avoid heart burnings , discourgements as well as frustration among the lower grade employees. If this trend of granting executive allowance to a particular group is continued, so it is feared that the lower grade employees will be suffered too much and it can a cause of spreading of fatal diseases among the employees deprived of such incentives due to frustation, mental fatigue , discourgement and de-motivation.Therefore, the high ups are requested to keep in mind the interest of all employees by preparing recommendations, proposals, suggestions before representing to the government. It is a source of satisfaction,success and happiness of Allah Almighty. Allah Hafiz.

    • Govt. Should allot to retired govt employee a constructed house on his retirement of 80 yard or 120 yard as per their option at lowest cost and deduct 70% of house cost from the amount of commutation at the time of retirement and remaing 30%of cost through long time easy installment and one of his son should be appointed at any post as per qualification in order to support his family as after retirement he neither purchase costly house nor be able do any part time I
      Suggested to the govt
      To consider my suggestion

  2. What the hell. Why only federal employees. Federal are already getting much higher salaries (allowances). Why every govt. want provinces to feel that they are not priority of Pakistani govt. and they don’t have contribution as compared to federal????

  3. Are provincial govt employees not a part of govt. Federal govt officials are a very small section. Actual govt. is run at provincial level so why a biased attitude and biased criterion . Retired people also had a pivitol role in running the govt. institutions. Their pension scale should be increased more than the serving class.

  4. Assalam o alikum, gov’t k jo employee under the Rs,30000 thousand work ker rehe kum uz kum un ki salary Rs.30000 thousand he ker dain. bhout kum he employee hai jin ki salary Rs.30000 say kum hai . thanks

  5. You are request kindly pension date of retirement directly because all information District Account office already on superannuation the department only no dues certificate that corruption will be stopped

  6. Imran Khan dosra biscuit nahi uthaney daita to wo kaisey 100% salary increase krey ga. Dosra CORONA virus ki waja sey bhi muaashi haalat khrab ho rahay hain. Dua kren mehngaai na barehy salary chahy 10% e brehy

  7. 15 se 20 % salary increase o ge. wo b government k neeki h halat etny khrb h or ap logo ko salary k pdy h. kby mulk ka b soch lia kro

  8. Please govt has to take great step in this regard. Govt Should increased govt. employs salary according to inflation .I suggest 70% to 100% increase in salary & government took it seriously.And give relief to them. Thanks

  9. Govt employees salaries must be raised in line with percentage increase in rates of Sugar, sugar rates must be kept as yardstick


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