Insaf Medicine Card Registration 2021

Sehat Insaf Medicine Card is an another achievement of Punjab Government especially Chief Minister Usman Buzdar. Every single person who deserves will be able to receive the health card in 2021. The most important point is to know how we can apply for Insaf medicine card registration.

Insaf Medicine Card 2021 Eligibility Criteria

I will give you a short but valuable details for the understanding eligibility of insaf card;

  • Everyone from 36 Districts of Punjab is eligible to Apply
  • Free medicines through DHQs, THQs, RHC after bar code verification of TB, hepatitis, and AIDS Medicines
  • Poor and deserving people only will get benefit from this card
  • For the patients of contagious diseases
  • In the first phase of this initiative, free medicines will be provided to 9,862 AIDS patients, 23,560 hepatitis patients, and 70,047 TB patients.

How To Receive Insaf Medicines 2021

If you are eligible then you should apply for the registration of Insaf medicine card. After completion of the process in which the verification through biometric at DHQ, THQ then you will receive card.

You should visit at your district headquarter hospital with the card and go to the separate help desk for hepatitis, AIDS, and TB patients. Then all kinds of medicines you will receive through the insaf medicine card.

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Insaf Medicine Card Registration 2021

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