How To Work Electronic Voting Machine in Pakistan

How To Work Electronic Voting Machine in Pakistan

We will explain the complete procedure of working an electronic voting machine in Pakistan, which is no doubt the biggest achievement of the PTI government. After reading the information provided here will help you to understand the phenomena. The vote casting is a primary responsibility of every Pakistani national to choose the right person for the better future of Pakistan.

How To Cast Vote on Electronic Voting Machine Pakistan

Here, you can get all the possible information which is relating to the electronic voting machine and also provides the FAQs on which rumors are circulating on social media;

Verification of Voter in Voting List:

When you reach the voting pole station, you have to provide your CNIC to the representative of the Election Commission of Pakistan. Now, your CNIC is verified through the voting list; then, you are eligible to cast a vote.

Verification of Voter in Voting List

Eligible For Voting After Verification:

When your verification process is completed, you have to visit the presiding officer who will check your CNIC, and then they will clear then you can cast a vote by clicking on the start button.

Eligible For Voting After Verification

Cast a Vote Through Electronic Voting Machine:

On the electronic voting machine, there is given the name of the candidate and their symbols likewise ATM. The selection button is also provided against each member. When you have selected your member, you have to press the voting button and receive a voting chit.

Cast a Vote Through Electronic Voting Machine

Enter Your Vote in Ballot Box:

Now, you have to enter your voting chit inside ballot box.

Enter your Vote in Ballot Box

Ending of Voting In front of Poling Agents:

When the voting process is completed, all the polling agents will gather. The presiding officer will announce that the time limit for casting a vote is ended now. At that time, No voter will be available in the room for the voting cast.

Now, the presiding officer would press the “Close” button on the Electronic voting machine to stop the process. Now the polling process is ended completely. After that, no one can restart the poling again by pressing the “Ballot start” button.

Ending of Voting In front of Poling Agents

Immediately Check Results of Poling Station:

Presiding Officer will press the “Result” button on the voting machine then an electronic result chit will be provided.

Immediately Check Results of Poling Station

Signatures of Presiding Officer & Poling Agent on Result Chit:

All the poling agents and presiding officer will signed the result chit.

Get Results Through Specific Mobile Application:

The Election Commission of Pakistan has developed a specific mobile application. The presiding officer will scan the QR code from the Electronic voting machine. All the results given on electronic result chit same will be provided on Mobile App by verifying QR code.

Get Results Through Specific Mobile Application

Send Results To Headquarter Through Block Gain Technology:

Now, all the results have to send to the Headquarter Office through Block Gain Technology. In the Block-Gain Technology, the soft copy of results which in Kilobytes will be transferred to Head office.

FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

Q1: How to Audit the Bogus Votes?

Ans: Due to the Bar code on the Result Chit, it is impossible to add any bogus vote because it will provide the secret information provided by the Election Commission of Pakistan.

Q2: Is it Possible That One Voter can cast multiple votes?

Ans: When one vote against any CNIC is cast, they cannot enter any other ballot because it is locked against CNIC.

Q3: Is it Possible to Hack Electronic Voting Machine and Change Results?

Ans: Electronic Voting Machine is a stand-alone machine that has no connection with the internet, WIFI, or Bluetooth, and it is completely safe from hacking activities. In this machine, no operating system exists; that’s why not possible to enter any bugs.

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