Fixing of Standard Rate for Conducting RT-PCR for Covid-19 Test

Government of Pakistan, Islamabad Healthcare Regulatory Authority (IHRA) has issued the official Notification letter on 24th June, 2020 to all the private Hospitals, Laboratories / Collection centers in connection with fixing of standard rate for conducting RT-PCR for Covid-19 test.

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In compliance with the decision of the NCOC and exercising the powers conferred under Islamabad Healthcare Regulation Act, 2018, all private Hospitals, laboratories / collection centers etc. conducting RT-PCR tests are hereby directed to freeze the rates of RT-PCR test as mentioned below:

  • PKR 5,500/- for tests using Chinese Kit
  • PKR 6,000/- for tests using Roche/ Abbot Kit

In view of above, all Private Hospitals, Laboratories / Collection Centers shall be inspected for compliance by Islamabad Healthcare Regulatory Authority (lHRA) Teams to elucidate the status of compliance with the above directives and healthcare services standard requirements of COVID-19.

The Private Hospitals, Laboratories / Collection Centers found non-compliant with the requirements shall be penalized in accordance with the rules, which may include deregistration, sealing the premises or fine and/ or imprisonment etc. under the Islamabad Healthcare Regulation Act, 2018.

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Fixing of Standard Rate for Conducting RT-PCR for Covid-19 Test

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