Jazz Monthly SMS Package 2023 Price & Details

Jazz Monthly SMS Package 2023 is a popular SMS bundle offered by Mobilink which is one of the leading cellular networks in Pakistan. The Jazz SMS bundle allows customers to send a large number of SMS messages to any network across Pakistan for an entire month at an affordable price. The Jazz Monthly SMS Bundle is an excellent option for customers who need to send a high volume of text messages on a regular basis. With this package, customers can send 12,000 SMS messages to any network in Pakistan, including Jazz, Warid, Ufone, Zong, and Telenor. You can also check Jazz SMS packages 2023 weekly, daily and monthly for every user according to their requirements.

You can subscribe to the Jazz Package SMS Monthly, customers need to dial *101*1*02# from their Jazz prepaid SIM card. The package is valid for 30 days from the date of subscription and costs only Rs. 174 including taxes. You can check latest top 10 Jazz Internet Packages for high speed data volume.

Jazz Package SMS Monthly 2023 Price and Details

The Jazz SMS Monthly Package is an excellent value for money package that allows customers to stay connected with their friends and family members without worrying about the cost. It is an ideal package for those who prefer to communicate through text messages rather than making phone calls. You can Jazz balance share on Jazz to Jazz and all other networks in just 30 seconds.

Package Name: Jazz Monthly SMS Bundle
Subscription Code: *101*1*02#
SMS Limit: 12,000
Expiry: 30 Days
How To Unsubscribe: *101*4*02#
Check Balance Status: *101*2*02#
To Check Info: *101*3*02#
Price: Rs. 174

Moreover, Jazz Monthly SMS Bundle also comes with some additional benefits for customers. For example, customers can check their remaining SMS balance by dialing *101*2*02#. They can also unsubscribe from the package by dialing *101*4*02#. You can also know about Jazz Balance Save Code while using internet on your phone.

In conclusion, Jazz Package SMS Monthly is an excellent bundle for those who need to send a high volume of text messages on a regular basis. With 12,000 SMS messages at an affordable price of only Rs. 174 including taxes, customers can stay connected with their loved ones without worrying about the cost.

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