Petrol Price Hike Today 1st September 2023

There is an another bad news for all those who are directly linked with the purchasing/buying of petrol daily basis. As per the official database, every citizen always need to to buy petrol for the their bike, car or any other vehicle.

The Government of Pakistan has increased the price of petrol today with 14.91 rupees which is not very good because the electricity bill have also created too many troubles for every citizen.

The old price of petrol is Rupees 290.45 and after the increasing of price today is the latest petrol price is 305.36 Rupees.

Every citizen of Pakistan will buy this petrol from any Petrol Pump is Rs. 306.

The High Speed Diesel (HSD) has been also increased with 18.44 Rupees. The new price of Diesel is Rs. 311.84.

Petrol Price Hike Today 1st September 2023

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