SOPs of MEAs For Monitoring of Schools

Programme Monitoring & Implementation Unit Punjab Education Sector Reform Program has issued the SOPs of MEAs for monitoring schools. It has been highlighted that Chief Executive Officers (DEA) in Punjab publish their own SOPs for Monitoring & Evaluation Assistants (MEAs) for school monitoring. In this regard, PMIU-PESRP has devised the detailed SOPs with the collaboration of the School Education Department for MEAs to follow during their course of visits in schools for monitoring purposes. The notification of MEAs monthly school monitoring routine to check the indicators assigned to any school.

List of SOPs For MEAs 2021

All the following MEAs instructions are to be followed with true letter and spirit;

  1. Don’t enter any female school or office without knocking on the door.
  2. MEAs should use professional language with teaching staff during a visit to any school.
  3. MEAs cannot insist on Mobile No or Personnel Information to any female teacher.
  4. Proper distance followed while talking to any female teacher.
  5. MEAs are not authorized to discuss any matter which is not related to their duties or responsibilities.
  6. MEAs cannot talk to any female teacher alone.
  7. MEAs cannot enter any school without wearing their service card.
  8. MEAs are not authorized to eat food / take tea from school staff except water during a school visit.
  9. MEAs are not allowed to fight with any teacher or staff during a visit and if they feel undesirable condition, then inform to DMO.
  10. No unauthorized personnel with MEAs can enter any school during monitoring.
  11. MEAs are not authorized to talk about an advertisement or an insurance policy during duty time in school monitoring.
  12. When MEAs enter any school, they directly visit the Headmaster/Headmistress office.
  13. The concept of “Late Comer” is abolished. Now every teacher will be considered absent if reached after 40 minutes of school timing.
  14. MEAs are not allowed to enter any remarks or question marks in the attendance register (Only signatures are permitted)
  15. During the LND test, a teacher is not allowed to interfere. Otherwise, MEAs are permitted to report to Headmaster/Headmistress and DMO.
  16. MEAs are not allowed to enter any washroom in a female school.

Note: All the instructions are the primary responsibilities of any MEA, and he should follow the SOPs/rules while visiting any school.

SOPs of MEAs For Monitoring of Schools

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