Expected Salary Increase in Budget 2023-24 Pakistan

Expected Salary Increase in Budget 2023-24 Pakistan

Everyone residing in Pakistan and working as a government employee expecting about the salary increase in Budget 2023-24?. It is no-doubt the current conditions of our country getting worse day by day due to the economic failures and IMF not agreed to Pay debt in dollars. The question arise in our mind that is it suitable to demand for our salaries to increase in the prevalent economic downfall.

15% to 35% Salary Increase in Budget 2023-24 Pakistan

As per the news published in different newspapers of Pakistan that the salary increase in Budget 2023-24 will be expected between 15% to 35%. As we know, every govt employee is waiting for the promises of the prime minister of Pakistan. Because the previous budgets have completely disappointed our most of the employees so that-is-why, we all are expecting this time huge spike in increasing of salary in the coming budget 2023-24.

Latest Updates About Salary Increase on 9th June 2023:

Pay Scale Chart 2023: The Federal Government of Pakistan, Finance Division has issued latest announcement of Basic Pay Scale Chart 2023. All the Government employees will get new salary according to the pay scale 2023 from 1st August 2023 in the salary account.

Federal Govt Increases 35% Salaries in Budget 2023-24

IMF has No Objection on Salary Increase of Govt Employees: According to the latest news about employees salaries increase in Budget 2023-24, Finance Minister Ishaq Dar has briefed about the final decision of increasing salaries of the Government employees are 15% to 35% in the current year budget. It is also discussed with the IMF has no relation with salary increase. The circular of salary increase to the different Govt departments will be issued after the budget announcement in National assembly.  [ New ]

15% to 35% Salary Increase in Budget

Salary & Pension Increase in Budget 2023-24: The Finance Minister Ishaq Dar will announce the salaries increase from 15%  to 35% of the Government employees including  allowances and also increase 15% pension in the Budget 2023-24 speech. If you want to read complete details about the salary pension conveyance allowance and new pay scales 2023 in the Budget 2023-24 then wait for the Budget announcement.

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Salary & Pension Increase in Budget 2023-24

Suggestion of 35% Adhoc Relief Allowance in Salary and Pension in Budget 2023-24: In the Federal Budget 2023-24, around 35% salary and pension will be increase for the Government employees and pensioners. The inflation is already increase more is not a good solution if the Government want to control the upcoming inflation ratio.

The Pakistani Government is planning to increase 15% to 35% increase in salary in the Budget because of inflation has been increase promptly due to the prevalent situation.

Demand to Increase Pay and Pension in Budget 2023-24

The reason for the same is simple and everyone knows the hikes in the prices of the daily use. The employees are living from hand to mouth nowadays. They have to do extra work or part-time jobs to meet their necessities. The salaries of general employees raised only 10% during the last two years. During the last 2 years, the rates of everything in the market gone nearly to triple. There is much news regarding salary increase in Budget 2023-24. This news is seen every year by the employees. But the employees want implementation on these suggestions.

What are the Main Demands of the Employees in the coming Budget?

The main demands of the employees and pensioners from the coming Budget 2023-24 are as under:

  • Increase in House Rent Allowance
  • Enhancement in Medical Allowance
  • Revision of Basic Pay Scales
  • Merging of all Adhoc Relief Allowances
  • Removal of Discriminates among the salaries of the employees
  • Up-gradation of various Posts
  • Time Scale Promotion

Let’s discuss the above all demands in details:

Increase in House Rent Allowance (HRA)

The Federal and Provincial Government employees are getting at this time HRA 30% and 45% of the initial revised pay scale 2008. The last time Government revised the House Rent Allowance in 2008 during the PPPP Government. After that Government of PML (N) revised Rates of House Rent Allowance 2018. there was a 50% increase in House Rent Allowance and Hiring. After that, no Government increased the HRA.

Nowadays, the rates of the Houses/Flats on rent are beyond the approach of the employees. The average rate of the House on Rent (Single Room) in a small city is Rs. 5000/- to Rs. 10000/- While the BPS-01 employee is getting a maximum of Rs. 2006/- as HRA. It is not possible to rent a house in Rs. 2006/- The employee of BPS-16 is getting Rs. 4091/- as House Rent Allowance per month. That is not enough to get a minimum 2 room’s house on rent in any city. You can check the rates of House Rent Allowance and others from the Chart of the Salary of Fresh Appointed Employee in 2022-23.

Government should revise the pay scales and fix the HRA on the Initial of the New Pay Scales. This will give relief to the employees to some extent.

Enhancement in Medical Allowance

Medical Allowance, the Government last increased in 2015 during the PML (N) Government. The government issued a Notification of increase Medical Allowance in 2015. After that, there is no increase in Medical Allowance. Rates of medicines and treatment have increased many times while the employees are getting Medical Allowance of nearly Rs. 1500/- per month. That is not enough. You know that the doctors’ fees and test expenses are so high. It is not possible to manage the health facilities for an employee in just Rs. 1500/-. Government should fix a minimum of Rs. 3000/- to 5000/- per month as Medical Allowance.

Removal of Discriminates among the salaries of the employees

Another demand of the employees is to equalize the salaries of the employees as per their pay scales. There are many examples that one employee is getting Rs. 20000/- in one scale and in the same scale the employee of other department is getting Rs. 50,000/- per month having the same length of service. Government should remove this discrimination.

Demand to Increase in Pension

The pensioners are also facing difficulties. Their pension also, the Government did not increase during 2022. They are also having the same issues as the serving employees. Government should also increase their pension @ the rates of salaries of the employees.

Govt Employee Salary Should Increase in Budget 2023-24 ?

Both Federal and Provincial employees are expecting for the huge increase in salary of government employees for 2023-24 budget of Pakistan and pay & pension should increase more than the past years 2022-23. The Prime Minister of Pakistan has advised that the Finance should prepare the proposals for the equalization of salary of all the employees pay scale wise. Every employee is demanding the same salary structure from the last decade and now expecting more from PM Shehbaz Sharif khan. There should not be difference of salaries for two employees having same pay scale.

Govt Employee Salary Should Increase in Budget

How Much Increase Salary in Budget 2022-23

Now we are demanding the following announcements in the current Budget 2023-24 for the salary increase more than our expectations;

2). Percentage of Salary Increase in Budget

As everyone knows, previous budget was just satisfactory due to the initial period of PML-N but now everyone facing difficulties and hope best for the future. We are expecting 30% to 40% increase in salary after merging all freeze allowances.

Pay Scale – [1 To 16] : 50% increase

Pay Scale – [17 To 22] : 30% Increase

3). Conveyance Allowance Increase in Budget 2023

We all are demanding minimum 50% conveyance allowance increase as proposal like the given below;

Pay Scale – [1 To 16] : 50% increase

Pay Scale – [17 To 22] : 25% Increase

4). Medical Allowance 2023 Increase 100%

Medical Allowance as already assigned to the lower scale BPS-1 to BPS-16 are not sufficient for employees. As an example no one can go for the Corona Test himself/herself due to Rs.7000/single test. We demand that medical allowance should be increase 100%.

5). Pension Should increase Reasonably in Budget 2023-24

Pension is only source of the employees who goes retired after 25 or 60 years of giving services to the Govt departments. Now we we to expect more reasonably increase pension of the govt employees got retired and getting pension;

Pension Range – [Rs. 5000/Per Month] : Should be increase 100%

Pension Range – [Rs. 10000/Per Month] : Should be increase 50%

Pension Range – [Rs. 15000/Per Month] : Should be increase 30%

Now i am requesting from all the readers to raise your voice of demands in comments then i will add in my post. Actually, we all are thinking if it is possible for our government to salary increase in budget 2023-24.

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