Ehsas Kafalat Program Online Registration Center 2024 New Payment

8171 ویب پورٹل Ehsas Kafalat Program online registration center 2024 new payment kist (Qist) Rs. 10,500 are officially disbursed to the poor and deserving women throughout Pakistan as a merit-based financial assistance. Everybody finds Ehsaas Kafalat Program CNIC Check Online payment 2024 and Ehsaas tracking NADRA registration form online on tracking ID or visit the official BISP website for searching your nearest Govt 8171 Ehsaas Program 2024 online Registration Centers on or 8171.Bisp.Gov.Pk Kafalat Portal.

Otherwise, you can confirm the ehsaas program cnic check online 2024 Nadra online registration through SMS on 8171. You can find here complete details about Ehsas Kafalat program eligibility, registration, and free delivery of the amount.

Ehsas Kafalat Program Check Online Payment Rs 10,500 March 2024  

As per the latest ehsaas program news, the government of Pakistan has once again opened the ehsaas kafalat registration for all those individuals and families who are seriously looking for a financial assistance package to meet their essential needs. If you did not still apply online for kafalat cash payment 10,500, then right now, without wasting any more time, you need to grab the opportunity to join ehsaas program registration online.

The ehsaas kafalat registration is directly depends on your CNIC card. If you have an expired card, you can never enroll yourself or your family.

All interested persons should be available at the Kafalat tehsil office or khidmat markaz for participation in the Kafaalat survey. The survey is carried out to identify the eligibility of any applicant household.

Everybody who is living in Pakistan and suffering hardships due to a lack of revenue due to any such circumstances. You can be eligible for ehsaas kafalat cash, which depends on your eligibility. When your registration is completed, you will be informed through the 8171 SMS service.

You can easily check online about the ehsaas program registration centers where you can visit to complete your enrollment task. 

It is a Pakistani top-level Ghareeb Dost initiative aimed at helping needy people who are unemployed or unable to support their families due to the current situation of inflation.”. The government of Pakistan will provide permanent financial assistance to all those families, especially females, who are eligible through the 8171 Ehsaas Portal. If you have not joined the Ehsaas Digital program till now, then don’t get worried. You can visit your nearest 8171 ویب پورٹل Ehsaas Kafalat program Registration 8171 for proper registration online, and then you will get the quarterly installment of Rs. 10,500 in your bank account number. If you want to get registered in Ehsaas Rashan Program, CNIC Check Online.

The BISP Ehsas Kafalat Program Cash distribution has been started in all districts of Punjab, KPK, Sindh, Balochistan, Islamabad, Gilgit Baltistan, and AJK. If you have still not received the Ehsaas kafalat money then don’t worry; you will soon receive your amount if you are eligible. If you are still confused about your eligibility or selection for the Ehsaas Kafalat program 2024 can be confirmed through, then we will provide you an authentic link through which you can know about the eligibility of you or your family quickly by entering NSER Form Number or CNIC Number including mobile number.

  • Ehsaas Kafalat New Payment: All the beneficiaries are informed to collect their payment for the month of March 2024 before the deadline of 30th March 2024.  You must receive the full payment of Rs. 10,500 before leaving the registration center.  Don’t forget the receipt of payment. New ]
  • Documents Required For Ehsaas Program Registration: All those persons who are visiting Benazir Registration Centers for the Registry of National, Social and Economic are requested to bring the following documents with them;  
  • National Identity Card Children’s
  • Nadra ‘B’ Form
  • Household Electricity and Gas Bill

Documents Required For BISP Registration

  • Ehsaas Kafalat Dynamic Survey For New Families 2024 Started: The current Government of Pakistan has officially announced the Ehsaas Kafalat Dynamic Survey 2024 have been officially started for the registration of new deserving and poor families of Pakistan who are fighting with the current fluctuation of inflation.
  • Ehsaas Kafalat Payment 10,500 Rupees (March 2024) Transferred: Congratulation to all the beneficiaries of Ehsaas Kafalat Program 2024 are informed that your Kafalat payments of March 2024 are successfully transferred to your accounts. That is why all the ehsaas kafalat members can collect their BISP payment from ATM machine or HBL connect service. If you have received your ehsaas money then please share this message with your friends and general people. Keep visiting our employeesportal to get latest update daily.    

Ehsaas Kafalat Payment 10,500 Rupees

The Punjab Government has decided to give the responsibility of Government for support of people under Ehsaas Kafalat to overcome the poverty in Punjab. The draft of the Punjab Ehsaas Program Act 2024 has been approved in the meeting of the Cabinet Committee on Legislative Affairs under which a a central board will monitor 120 social services of Punjab.

Dr. Sania Nishtar is again appointed to lead the Pakistan largest social protection programme “Ehsas Kafalat” in Punjab. The new registration of Ehsas Kafalat has been started and all the credit goes to Ex PM Imran Khan and CM Punjab Chaudhry Pervaiz Elahi. The new CM Punjab has issued the direction for preparation of Ehsaas Act to implement and control of all ehsaas programs.

According to the latest news, the PML-Q Chaudhry Pervaiz Elahi became new Chief Minister of Punjab with the support of PTI especially Imran Khan. The new CM Punjab, Ch Pervaiz Elahi is going to start new phase of 8171 ویب پورٹل Ehsaas Kafalat 10,500 online apply in Punjab. All the deserving people in Punjab and KPK are informed to start visiting our portal to get the new date for receiving and registration of Ehsaas Kafalat Program.

All the families who are registered with BISP or Ehsas Kifalat Program 2024, the financial package amount of Rs. 2,000 against Sasta Petrol Scheme has been transferred into your accounts. You can get this BISP 786 check online ehsaas cash amount from Bank Branches or Biometric ATM machines. The total 8 million people are already registered with BISP or 16 Hazar Ehsaas Program 2024 online registration. The Ehsaas BISP amount have been delivered to the 2000 families.

Ehsaas Program 2024 Rs. 2,000 Sasta Petrol Diesel Scheme

Ehsaas Program Kafalat check cnic 2024 Online Registration

Dr. Sania Nishtar has visited the Ehsas Registration Desk at Government Boys High School, Walton Road, Lahore, and reviewed the Ehsaas (ISIS) Program registration arrangements. There are 512 Ehsas registration desks in the country and 11 in Lahore to register the remaining families in the Ehsas survey.

The ahesas kafalat program is also facilitating the disabled (special) persons, including the most deserving people of Pakistan. In this context, a special desk has been created for disabled persons and you can get the following benefits from this Help desk:

  • You can get the disability certificate
  • You can also get the special CNIC for disabled persons
  • You can get free registration of Ehsaas ka Pehla program

Registration is underway across the country for the inclusion of 2 million deserving families of special persons in the program under Ehsas Kafalat.

According to the latest news about the Ehsaas Kafalat, the Government of Pakistan, Dr. Sania Nishtar has announced the Ehsaas Raabta Mobile App for the facilitation of Ehsas Sarfeen. All of you can easily download the Ehsaas App from Google Play Store.  

How To Use Ehsaas Raabta App:

There are few steps to follow for the proper installation and use of Ehsaas Kafalat Raabta App which can make it possible to receive the Ehsaas Amount at home;

  • Download and Install the Ehsaas Kafalat Raabta App from Google Play Store
  • After installation, accept the navigation option to find the current location of ehsaas registration center online apply
  • Watch the video link to understand complete procedure;


Download Ehsaas Raabta Mobile App


Ehsaas Raabta Mobile App

You can find all the answers to all your queries in one place. If you want to learn how to download the Ahsaas mobile App then watch the video and share our post with your friends.

Dr. Sania Nishtar and his team are working hard to take steps to improve the quality of Ehsaas Kafalat payments to deserving families. The 20 more payment centers in 11 districts of South Punjab are organized for the sake of facilitating the Ehsaas payments. As we know, the six-monthly stipend amount of Ehsaas Kafaalat has been increased from Rs. 9,000 to Rs. 10,500 for all beneficiaries after the date of 30th March 2024. Ehsaas is also taking coordination steps to strictly deal with fraudulent deductions. The Law & Enforcement Agencies  are playing a vital role in executing ehsaas disbursement operations across 42 tehsils of South Punjab. 

The 4-month installment of Ehsaas Kafalat has been increased from Rs 9000 to Rs 10,500. All the eligible women or families can visit the nearest ehsas center to collect their full amount of Rs. 10,500 after counting. During the receipt of the ehsaas kafalat amount, be sure to ask for a computerized receipt from the bank agent at the time of receipt.

ehsaas kafalat new amount Rs 10,500


All of those women or families who were receiving cash assistance under the Benazir Income Support Program (BISP) for 10 years, were disqualified through new NSER surveys. The government had closed all such women’s financial assistance. Now, the disqualified women will again avail themselves of the cash amount of 10,500 rupees so that they can be financially funded by inflation. It is informed to all those families or women who were blocked earlier, now they are again eligible for Ehsaas kafalat cash through Ehsaas Online Registration Centers.

You are again informed, please visit your nearby Ehsaas Help Desk to receive your Ehsaas amount. The last date for receiving the Ehsaas Kafalat amount is 30th March 2024. If you could not receive your cash amount during the eligible time, then your amount will be returned to the main head. If you are eligible for the Benazir Income Support Program and are getting the amount, now Ehsaas Kafalat will provide you with the cash amount again. Share this news as much as you can.

The distribution of the ehsaas ka palak program cash amount to the deserving and eligible persons is underway, and if you are waiting for the announcement, then check 8171 SMS Registration. When you receive the SMS, visit your nearby Ehsaas Help Desk to receive the amount.

In the audit objections of technets Ehsaas Program 25000 following categories are included with different questions;

Category-I Q.1: All of those families who already getting Zakat are not eligible for Ehsaas?

Answer: Zakat Recipient are eligible for Ehsaas

Q.2: Why Tax-Filer are eligible for Ehsas Kafalat Program ?

Answer: Tax-filers are also eligible by the decision of Cabinet during Covid-Lockdown

Q.3: Why Lands-Owners are eligible for Ehsaas Kafalat ?

Answer: The Cabinet had taken a decision of inclusion of Land owners in eassh program because the Digital Records of Land is not available in other Provinces


Q.1: Government Employees and Pensioners are eligible for Ehsaas?

Answer: No Government Employees and Pensioners are not eligible for Ehsas program 2024. ( Only low paid pensioners are eligible )

Q.2: Both Spouse are eligible for Ehsaas Couple program ?

Answer: No only one person Husband/Wife is eligible for Ehsaas

Q.3: Ehsaas Payment are given to the beneficiary on the basis on Higher/Lower score ?

Answer: Online low score beneficiaries are eligible in Ehsaas Survey


Q.1: In the Ehsaas Emergency program, there are huge numbers of eligible families who did not come to receive amount ?

Answer: Due to the Digital Literacy, the leftover beneficiaries of Ehsas Emergency families cannot transfer the amount

Category-IV Q.1: How to take an action against fake Banks, SMS, Apps, Online Agent and Websites ?

Answer: The Government is already working against the culprits who are doing fake biometrics

All of those families who are beneficiaries of the 8171 Ehsaas Program Kafalat 2024 online registration form can visit the nearest Ehsaas Center for registration of primary, secondary, and higher secondary scholarship benefits for their children between the ages of 4 and 22. You must bring your child’s “B-Form” or CNIC with school or college admission certified and verified by the Head of Institute.

All the families eligible for sponsorship should approach our Tehsil Offices for registration of primary, secondary, and higher secondary benefits for their children between the ages of 4 and 22 years. Bring the child’s ‘B Form’ or National Identity Card and a school or college headmaster certified admission receipt.

The Prime Minister has approved relief cash of Rs 10,500 per family for all the families in the quake-hit Harnoi district. The financial assistance will be issued to the families in the next 10 days. After a thorough examination of the earthquake’s damage, the affected families will soon receive additional financial relief in addition to the Ehsaas package from the federal government.

Dr. Sanai Nishtar has finally announced the good news of the opening of the Ehsaas Kafalat Program Website 8171 Portal. This web portal’s prime importance is to provide the easiest way to know eligibility by putting Form No/CNIC No. Ehsaas Survey is now going to complete, and after the survey, all Ehsaas centres/registration desks are opening throughout Pakistan, especially those families whose survey is still not finished.

Based on Ehsaas Survey, the payment of Ehsaas Kafalat, Emergency Cash (Phase-II), Scholarships is now continuing to distribute. Ehsaas program Nadra registration 8171 check online 2024 Portal is the most appreciated task to facilitate the people of Pakistan. You can confirm about the biometric verification through 8171 registration Check 2024 online. 

Also Check:

Anyone in your family can enter the CNIC No/ Form No, enter the CAPTCHA, and finally click on the Find button. All the information related to the Ehsas Kafalat web portal 2024 is written in Urdu; that’s why everyone can easily understand it. After clicking on the Find (Maloom Karein) button, you will get information related to your eligibility. You should follow all the instructions given on the portal according to the rules and regulations then you can participate in the Ihsas program 2024

Ehsaas Kafalat 8171 Web Portal 

Yes, Ehsas Kafalat customers can withdraw their first installment from the payment centers as well as from the biometric ATM machines of the partner banks. All the eligible females from Punjab, Sindh, Balochistan and Islamabad can get their Ehsaas amount from the ATMs of HBL Bank;

Ehsaas Kafalat Program Emergency Cash Payment 2024

The 8171 ویب پورٹل Ehsaas program registration 8171 NADRA online check service is launched now. Do you want to know the eligibility for Ehsaas kafalat cash? Just send an SMSto of CNIC National Identity Card No on 8171. You will receive a reply SMS of four types. The details of reply received from 8171 SMS Check Online service are given below;

  1. The CNIC Number check online [38281-8444748-4] visits the nearest HBL Bank Branch for receiving Ehsaas cash amount. Otherwise, if you have received the amount, then ignore it.

Ehsaas Kafalat 8171 SMS Number 1

  1. Check CNIC number online facility is unsuitable for the Gharana Ehsaas Kafalat program 2024 Nadra because only deserving families are eligible for the amount of ahsaas.

Ehsaas Kafalat 8171 SMS Number 2

  1. Your CNIC Number is a Government employee that why you are not eligible.

Ehsaas Kafalat 8171 SMS Number 3

  1. Your CNIC Number [38944-8444355-6] is under the process of verification of documents. Your eligibility information will be sent to you before 30th February 2024. 

Ehsaas Kafalat 8171 SMS Number 4

How to Get Ehsas Kafalat Program Check CNIC Cash from HBL ATM:

  • First of all, press the ENTER (Green) button on ATM machine
  • Next select the Urdu language on screen
  • Touch the Ehsaas Kafalat button on Screen
  • Enter Your CNIC number
  • Next step is biometric verification through Biometric device
  • After the verification, you will get an amount of Ehsaas cash with payment reciept

Reopening of Ehsas Kafalat Program 2024 Registration Online:

Ehsaas Centers are reopening from 1st March 2024 at tehsil level. Eligible households that could not join the survey will be able to register at the nearest desk based on the National Identity Card of the housewife. Eligible women whose accounts are temporarily closed are requested to get biometric verification of their fingerprints from the nearest NADRA e-facility.

The families facing issues in Ehsas Emergency Cash Assistance are for one time, while those who have joined Ehsas Kafalat will be paid permanently. The next installment of Kiflat will be released after March. Receipt messages are sent to eligible users from 8171. Payment of quarterly stipend is subject to 70% attendance of enrolled children in school.

The Prime Minister, Imran Khan, has approved the “One Window Ehsaas Policy 2024” which includes seven pillars;

1). Ehsaas Programme One-Stop Shop: The One Window Ehsaas Centers will be a one-stop shop that will allow beneficiaries to get information on all Ehsaas benefits and services available to them in one space. The first one has opened in Sitara Market, Islamabad. All districts will have One Window Centers.

Ehsaas One-Stop Shop


2). Back Office Integration: The second part is the integrated back-office digital interface, facilitating access of all those working in the Ehsaas ecosystem to appropriate links and resources. We are currently developing this ecosystem.

Ehsaas Back Office Integration


3). Digital Information Platform: The Ehsaas Digital Platform has been launched. It is a one-stop-shop that will provide links to all Ehsaas-related information & services. The e-portal is accessible to everyone & has info in Urdu, enabling easy navigation for beneficiaries.

Ehsaas Digital Information Platform


4). Ehsaas Mobile App: The limited version of Ehsaas App is available on Google Playstore. It is being expanded to reflect the entire ecosystem of Ehsaas Digital.

Ehsaas Mobile App For Citizens


5). Ahsas Program Registration 2024 Integrated Database: The integrated Ehsaas database will enable Ehsaas agencies to access data from NSER registration check by cnic in real-time. This will allow ascertaining the eligibility of potential beneficiaries. It will show all benefits being received by individuals & HHs across Ehsas program Pakistan under PASSD agencies.

Ehsaas Integrated Database


6). Unified Targeting Policy: The integrated database will facilitate the adoption of EhsaasOneWindow targeting Policy, which will make targeting predictable, evidence-based & effective in the Ehsaas ecosystem. All socio-economic targeting under Ehsaas will use the PMT, which is determined through Ehsaas Survey.

Unified Targeting Policy


7). Policy on Ehsaas One Window: Pakistan’s social protection institutional landscape has historically been fragmented. Overall, safety nets in the country comprise a large number of small, thinly spread (in terms of resources) and weakly coordinated overlapping programs. There are over a hundred safety net institutions and programs in the country at the federal and provincial levels. Launched in March 2019, the Ehssas Strategy aimed to address these gaps and gave importance to the concept of “One Window Ehsaas” as part of its priority initiatives. The first step towards the creation of “One Window Ehsaas” was the establishment of a new Division of Social Protection and Poverty Alleviation.

Ehsas Kafalat 8171 Web Portal Service: Ehsas 8171 service will be reopened to the public.

Ehsas Kafalat for Disabled Persons: To get benefits under Ehsas Kafalat for Special Persons, special persons should contact their special person card from NADRA online portal and register their family through Ehsas Registration Desk. Registration desks are currently closed and will be opened for registration soon.

Ehsaas Kafalat Help For Expired CNIC: Eligible customers whose National Identity Card has expired will be able to receive the money only after renewing their card.

Also Check:

Ehsaas Kafalat E-Kacheri: Ehsas E-Kacheri will be hosted by Radio Pakistan and Facebook. Users can call the following phone numbers during the E-court to answer their questions about the various Ehsas programs directly from me. 0519204865 0519206995

Suppose you face several issues while registering for the Ehsas Kafalat program, especially for March 2024. It would be best to get all the answers to your every query through the Live Phone Call option. Oh, that’s a great idea; I have seen many persons always asking their questions on official Ehsaas TwitterBut now, you can make a live call to Senator Dr. Sania Nishtar to ask your queries through a phone call on number: 051-9246334

Ehsaas Kafalat E-Kacheri

The Ehsaas Kafalat registration and distribution of cash amount will be completed on 30th March 2024. Please, your patience is of utmost importance.

Ehsaas Kafalat distribution centers are available almost in every city in Pakistan. You can receive an amount from HBL and Alfalah Bank biometric ATMs. You can check the details are given below.

Ehsaas Kafalat Registration SMS Service

Ehsaas Post Doc Letter To Surveyed Families:

All of those Ehsas surveyed families who are eligible in Ehsaas Kafalat are delivered the Post Doc letter. The first payment of Ahsaas Kafalat to the new families is being paid in the amount of Rs. 10,500 in two quarterly installments (Jan to Mar 2024). After Mar 2024, all payments will be delivered in one-quarter installment of Rs. 10,500.

Ehsaas Post Doc Letter To Surveyed Families

Ehsaas Families with Biometric Problems:

Customers with biometric problems in receiving Ehsaas amount can provide the phone number of the District Administration, Partnership Bank (Habib Bank / Bank Al-Falah), or a representative of the Ehsas team at the nearest Ehsaas payment centers to apply on the portal.

Ehsaas Families with Biometric Problems


Ehsaas Survey Procedure:

There is no online link to Ehsas Registration. Ehsas registration is only possible through Ehsas Survey and Ehsas Registration Desk.

Correction Method in Ehsaas Online Apply:

The data of the Ehsas Survey Record can be corrected by visiting the Ehsas Registration Desk. Still, in the wake of the recent wave of the Corona epidemic, Ehsas Registration Centers in the country have been temporarily closed.

You can also confirm/check your Ehsaas cash amount through your mobile phone. You don’t need to visit personally at Ehsaas center or EasyPaisa shop. You can quickly check the money through your CNIC number by clicking on the link given below;

If you like this information for free, please share this post as much as possible to benefit more people.

Government of Pakistan, Benazir Income Support Programme (BISP) has issued the official notification on 22nd Feb 2024 in connection with a request for administrative support during the disbursement of quarterly payments to Ehsaas Kafalat Beneficiaries.

At the outset, we must acknowledge and appreciate the cooperation extended by the five Provincial and AJ&K Governments for making efforts towards timely, orderly, and transparent disbursement of funds to beneficiaries of Ehsaas/ Kafalat of BISP.

To save BISP beneficiaries from financial constraints during Ramazan Mubarak 2024. BISP is going to disburse two quarterly tranches of Rs. 10,500/, in one go, as a single tranche of Rs 21,000/- from the first week of March 2024.

Ehsas Kafalat Program Online Registration 2024 8171 ویب پورٹل

Pakistan Government has announced official through DAWN Newspaper for the new phase of Ehsas Kafalat Program Registration CNIC Check Online 2024. The Ehsaas kafalat amount of Rs. 10,500/- will be distributed after the 30th March 2024 to the deserving people of Punjab, KPK, Sindh, Balochistan, and throughout Pakistan. According to the New survey of the Prime Minister of Pakistan Ehsaas Program Eligibility 2024 are given below;

Also Check:

  • 70 Lac Deserving people will be facilitated from Ehsaas
  • All eligible persons provide accurate information about their families and CNIC
  • If you have no CNIC, then you receive an SMS from 8171 to make a new CNIC
  • Deserving people will receive the first SMS of Ehsaas Amount Rs. 12000
  • The amount of home of Pk Ehsaas Program CNIC Check online registration 2024 will be delivered from the registered branches of Bank Habib and Bank Alfalah.

Ehsaas Kafalat Program Online Registration

Ahsas Program Portal Installment of Rs. 10,500/- Jan to Mar 2024

Ehsaas Kafalat Installment of Rs. 10500/- March 2024 has been started by the Government of Pakistan. The deserved persons will get 2x quarterly installment payments. The schedule of the amount is as under;

  • Total Payment Rs. 10,500/-

The concerned and eligible persons should get their payment from the nearest payment centers. They can also receive the amount from the Biometric ATM Machines of Habib Bank Limited (HBL) and Bank Al Falah. The representative of the bank will guide you to get the amount at ATM Machine.

Instructions to Get Money

  • Eligible persons must have with them the National Identity Card.
  • The verification process of thumb at the biometric machine is compulsory.
  • A Bank representative or any other agent is not authorized to deduct your amount. You will get the total amount of Rupees Twelve thousand.
  • Get the receipt of the payment from the machine, and if you did not get the same, you must insist the representative give it to you.
  • You will get a confirmation message after you receive the payment.
  • If you get any issues or you have a complaint dial the following number:0800 26477

Ehsaas Emergency Cash Program NADRA 2024 Updates

Prime Minister’s Assistant Special has said that the Ehsaas Income Program is being launched in 375 union councils in the thirty-three backward districts of the country ehsas kafalat program Nadra online registration;

  • Ehsaas Interest-Free Loans
  • Ehsaas Langar
  • Ehsaas Scholarship
  • Ehsaas Registration center
  • Ehsaas Emergency Cash Programme
  • Ehsaas Emergency Cash Programme Phase I
  • Ehsaas Emergency Cash Programme Phase II
  • Ihsas Program online registration Centre KPK

The fully automated Emergency Cash Programme under the vision of Ahsas kafalat program 2024 has been started today. The delivery is based purely on merit and doesn’t interfere with any political or influential people. The amount of Rs. 10,500 will be delivered by the verification of Biometric Process through Bank and NADRA CNIC online verification.

  1. Send 13th Digits ID Card Number SMS on 8171, and you receive a reply after 15 steps verification.
  2. Total three types of SMS replies are generated; First: Decline, Second: Wait for payment notification; Third: Contact your district administration office.
  3. In case you are nominated through your dead father ID card number, then register yourself on helpline: 0800-26477
  4. If your CNIC is expired, don’t worry; you can also ahsas program cash.
  5. Registered yourself from NADRA website

Ehsaas Emergency Cash Program Updates


How To Get Ehsaas Program Registration Online 2024 Cash from ATM Machine

Consumers were identified by the district administration under the third category of the Ehsas Emergency Cash Program starting 1st week of March 2024.

During the lockdown, the prime minister announced giving Rs 10,500 per family to the deserving people and said that Rs 144 billion would be distributed among the deserving people online registration.

  • Mazdoor Ka NSER Ehsaas Program Registration Form online 2024 Details

The government is introducing two new schemes for small businesses, factory owners are ready to withdraw cement price hike, SMEs are aware of the challenges facing the sector, a scheme is being introduced in collaboration with SBP which will provide liquidity (capital) up to 40% on two million turnovers. In addition, grants for small businesses will be provided under another scheme mazdoor ka isis program.

It will ensure the economic and digital inclusion of Seven million poverty-stricken women’s ehsas kafalat-program NSER online registration 2024 check by CNIC. PM flagship ehsas kafalat program Registration Form Online visit at official website via online registration 2024.

The government’s ahsas Kafalat program begins, and aid money will be distributed to deserving families. Prime Minister Imran Khan has announced financial relief package of Rs. 10,500 monthly stipend for daily wages. Ehsaas Kafaalat program is the only one of its kind.

It offers dignified, apolitical, merit-based, and transparent economic assistance ehsas kafalat program online registration started. Prime Minister Imran Khan’s launch of a Kafalat card is a step in the mind of being a mother of the state; a monthly stipend of Rs 10,500 will be given through nadra ehsaas to 70 million poor women from the program Ehsaas Gareeb Kafalat Ehsas program 2024.

Ahsaas Kafalat Program Payment Centers and timing:

Under the Ehsaas Kafalat program, ehsaas nadra pk centers have been set up at various government schools for the deserving, which will be open from 8:00 am to 5:00 pm; the staff of the bank, including the Education Department for the distribution of relief money, after the biometric certification to each deserving family 10,500 Donations of rupees will be given, centers have been set up near their homes to help deserving women.

Emergency Cash Program Online Registration Procedure 2024:

Under this program, Rs 10,500 per family will be donated to 10 million victims. The day-to-day help of the needy, whose economic woes have been infected with the virus, is a top priority of the government. 6.7 million people will benefit from ehsaas nadra gov from the size of the family.

Ehsaas Program: ehsaas nadra gov pk 8171 2024 Distribution of funds in different cities. Nadra-Government agency in Pakistan. Total number of expected Ehasas Kafaalat beneficiary women will be around 7 million in 70 districts. These families will start receiving Kafalat stipends from February to March 2024. More beneficiary families will be added through desk registration over the course of the year Other districts will be covered by end of the year. Existing eligible beneficiaries of BISP will continue to be part of Kafaalat.

You can get with biometric ATM with Card.

Instruction: www ehsaas nadra gov pk online registration , Bring You CNIC, Mobile phone with Registered Sim, Complete your biometric Verification and get Rs.10,500 From your account, Save the Slip. Contract on these numbers for any complaint in BISP Tehsil and District offices.

The National Economic and Social Survey will identify more than million victims in the Emergency Cash Program. Individuals whose income was Rs 40,000 and now they are facing unemployment and financial problems due to the poverty will also be helped under the Ehsaas Program 12000 online check 2024.

The SMS campaign was launched in two weeks so that the victims were not included in the relief package, Ehsas kafalat program form. The district will investigate the requests received through the SMS and under the SMS campaign, 2.5 million victims will be included in the program.

Ehsas Kafalat Toll-Free number 0800-26477.

If you receive Fake information regarding this Scheme, Qura Andazi, Inami Scheme messages SMS from any person or Mobile numbers, you can inform on this number.

The spirit of emotion strengthens human relationships, the foundation of a new Pakistan is based on this ehsas program cnic balance check.

Ehsaas Registration Centre on Punjab Districts 2024

Select your residential district to check your participation in EHSAAS registration Survey Enter Required Information select your District name to locate centers. How to get kafalat card in Pakistan details are given here NADRA enrollment center for ehsaas program New Code by Pakistan ehsas kafalat program registration form is given on online registration 2024.

Special Assistant to the Prime Minister on Elimination of Poverty and Social Security, Dr. Sania Nishtar has said that under the realization program, the selection of the eligible will be made in a transparent manner. She hoped that the ehsaas ki falak program would soon remove the deserving sections of society from poverty. Ehsaas payment centers in Pakistan.

NADRA has launched NSER Program 2024 survey online registration check through new dedicated centers. Initially, this survey will be able to facilitate the residents of 65 districts. Click below link for the list

Ehsaas Kafalat Program 2024 Eligibility Criteria

Government servants and their spouses, taxpayers, car owners, people with history of multiple foreign travels are not eligible under Kafaalat Ehsas Program 2024. Only poorest females are entitled for this sahulut program.

How To Apply For Ehsaas Kafalat Program 10,500 Online Check

♦ Payment will be made through the new biometric Ehsaas Digital Payment System which will ensure transparency in payments.

♦ Women can withdraw money from Point of Sales (PoS) agents, dedicated branches and Biometric enabled ATMs of Habib Bank and Alfalah Bank.

Ehsaas ISIS Emergency Program 2024

  • Persons who have received a sms from 8171 including the context of “Contact with District Administration
  • If you want to register online apply for nadra ehsaas program registration desk while sitting at home then click on behind link.

Ehsaas (NADRA) Registration 2024



Ehsaas program registration through NADRA

♦ Bio-metrically enabled ATMs have been opened for the first time, which means that women will not be hostage to Point of Sales agents and touts who used to deduct money from them, fraudulently.

♦ Each woman will have a bank account linked to her mobile phone to enable her to access economic opportunities

How to Register in PM Ehsaas Program SMS Code 2024

Deserved Families person member visit Ahsas Registration center with all family member National Identity Cards to registered in these programs. You can check your name for eligibility with code for ehsas-kafalat program ehsas registration program.

The government of Pakistan has changed the name of the Benazir Income Support Program with the New Name Ehsas_Kafalat Program and increase the amount from Rs.9000 to Rs.10,500.Government employees will no longer be supported under this Program Nadra has issued the list of the beneficiary of BISP from the previous eight(8) years.

All existing people who benefit from the Benaziristan Support Program will be part of the Sense Sponsorship Program. The total number of women expected to benefit from the Ehsaas Kafalat Program is close to 70 million. Prime Minister Imran Khan inaugurates kafalat card. ehsas kafalat mobile list SMS. Pakistan is moving to improve the living standard of the lower class and distributed health cards to 70 million eligible people.

The fastest growing nation in the world is China, where in the last 30 years, 70 million people have been brought out of poverty. prime minister kafalat program online registration. ehsas kafalat + program. Do you know that kafalat card how to online register?

♦ Designated bank branches have been opened for these poor women for the first time so that they can draw money with dignity.

Note: If your district is not included in the list of Ehsaas NADRA desk registration center then you don’t have to worry because the 2nd phase will be included all districts and the establishment of these centers will be completed upto 31st March, 2024.

Ehsaas Kafalat Program News Update 2024

Get information about a List of BISP ehsas kafalat program registration centres. Ihsas kafalat programme forms prime minister Ehsaas program in urdu registration centers established in 17 districts where biometric registration through NADRA computerized counters of deserved people to support them for financial needs.

According to Dr. Sania Nishtar, Rs 10,500 will be released to the beneficiaries in the first week of every month under the Emotion Sponsorship Program, while the target is to include 70 million beneficiaries in the Emotion sponsorship program.

About 5 lakh beneficiaries of BISP have been included in the program while 10 lakh eligible in 70 districts have been enrolled in the program, NADRA has launched NSER Check Online survey through new dedicated centers.

Initially, this survey will be able to facilitate the residents of 17 districts. Click here for list Select your residential district to check your participation in EHSAAS registration Survey.

The federal government has been disqualified more than eight million twenty thousand people from the Benazir Income Support Program. Ehsaas-program Registration through Ehsaas Counters. Ehsaas Survey will complete in three phases in this year through NADRA. This month this campaign will start in 17 Districts included Chakwal.

Ehsas Kafalat Program in Urdu (Infographics)

ihsas kafalat program online forms The government has decided to include government MPs in the Ehsaas program. Sponsorship is one of the poverty alleviation schemes that are being launched under the multi-dimensional program “Feeling.” Feelings are a metaphor of sympathy that aims to expel deserving people from poverty without favoring any political party/personality. In the past, poverty alleviation programs have been used as political tools.

According to the Prime Minister’s instructions, the feeling will be free from any political interference and based on merit awam kafalat program scheme. This project is owned by the Pakistani people ehsas kifalat program. You can download ahsaas kafalat app from google play store to install on your mobile phones.

In the next 2 weeks, there will be the next program of Ehsaas in which cows and buffaloes will be given to poor people, scholarships will be given to the children of poor families, while those youngsters who come up with new business ideas will be credited. The government has provided smartphones to deserving women in order to facilitate them in financial transactions.

Prime Minister has also approved the inclusion of the recommendations of the Parliamentarians in the spirit of the sponsorship programs. National Database and Registration Authority (NADRA) analysis of living standards of the BISP beneficiaries was conducted on the following baselines:

How to Get Ehsas Kafalat Card Online 2024

Federal ministers in the cabinet were of the opinion that adding MPs to the Sense program would not only facilitate the successful implementation of the sponsorship program ehsaas scholarship but also ensure the Pakistan Ehsaas Feeding Program Program is a comprehensive government program ehsaas registration online for the welfare of the poor. Agreements have been made with two banks to open biometric ATMs to facilitate the receiving of money under Ehsaas Kafaalat program

The members of the Communications Committee met to deliberate on the comprehensive communications plan for Ehsaas Kifalat Programme. Dr. Sania Nishtar, Special Assistant to the Prime Minister on Social Protection and Poverty Alleviation chaired the meeting.

One million families have already begun to register in 70 districts and these families will begin to receive sponsorship benefits in the next two months. By the end of the year, other districts will also be included in the program.ehsas kafalatprogramme.

What is Ehsaas Program

A Government’s programme through which Rs. 10,500/month cash stipends will be given to the millions deserving women across the for ehsaas cash.

Ease & Transparency

Payment will be made through the new Biometric Ehsaas Digital Payment System which will ensure transparency in payments Money can be withdrawn from Point of Sales (PoS) agents, dedicated branches, and ehsaas program online Biometric enabled ATMs of Habib Bank and Alfalah Bank.

Targets of Ehsaas Kafaalat Programme To facilitate 7 Million beneficiaries by the end of 2024. The total numbers of expected Kafalat beneficiary women are around seven million. Enrollments of one million families in 70 districts have already begun and these families will start receiving Kifalat stipends from the next two months.ehsas-program kifalat card images detail is given here for ehsaas cash program.

The government plans to create a knowledge-based society for accelerating the on-going development process of ehsaas emergency cash and by allocating more financial resources for capacity building, research & development, provision of education access to low social strata children, decreased disparity, increased quality to strengthen retention and decrease dropout rate at all levels.

Ehsaas Kafalat Program 2024 Check CNIC Online


Ehsaas Kafalat Program Helpline Number 8171

For queries and complaints about this initiative, please call the helpline: 0800-26477. The contact number, fax and email address are given below;

Ph #  +92-51-9240024
Ph #  +92-51-9210022

Fax:   051-9210047


Ehsaas Program Official Website:

Ehsas Kafalat Program Office

Poverty Alleviation and Social Safety Division is currently located in Evacuee Trust Complex, Government of Pakistan Cabinet Secretariat 4th Floor, Evacuee Trust Complex, F-5/1, Islamabad

Official Timing: Mon – Fri : 9:00 am – 5:00 pm  | Sat – Sun: Holiday

Ehsaas Kafalat Website Online Registration
Latest Employees News Home Page

FAQs [Frequently Asked Questions]

What is Ehsaas Kafalat Program?

Ehsaas Kafalat is basically the Pakistani Government’s initiative of financial support to the deserving poor and jobless people throughout Pakistan. The amount of Rs. 10,500 will be provided to those persons or families who are registered with Ehsaas Kafalat Program 2024. If you are new then you will make sure about your registration process.

How To Perform Ehsaas Kafalat Registration Online?

It is very important and primary task of any individual or family to know about how to perform ehsaas kafalat registration online 2024. Every year new registrations are conducted through Ehsaas Survey mechanism and the Dynamic Survey 2024 will be conducted this year to complete the new year registration process. You can check online 8171 Ehsaas Kafalat Registration.

What is Ehsaas Kafalat Program Check CNIC?

The procedure of Ehsaas Kafalat Check CNIC is simple and fast method to check online your eligibility. You can use your CNIC number and enter the 13 digits numerical number at Ehsaas Kafalat 8171 Web-Portal then you can confirm about your Ehsaas Kafalat Eligibility. There are a huge number of people who can claim to be not selected for Ehsaas Kafalat. Whenever, Your family poverty score fill the criteria then you will be considered a part of ehsaas kafaalat family.

How To Lodge Complaint Against Biometric Problems in Ehsaas Kafalat?

All those eligible women who are facing difficulties through biometric verification of fingerprints. You can submit your complaint on the portal given below. The management will arrange any alternative way to provide the Ehsaas payment.

How To Register in Ehsaas Program If not included during Ehsaas Survey?

All of those eligible families who have not been included in the Ehsaas Survey for any reason. You can visit your nearby Ehsaas Registration Desks at your district’s tehsil level to include in the Ehsaas program. For registration, bring the National Identity Card of the women in the household.

When will the Ehsaas program’s screening process be completed?

The screening process of families will be start very soon through the Dynamic Survey 2024 mechanism. The final results of screening for the eligibility of families will be announced on 30 June 2024. You can confirm your eligibility for the ehsaas program on our portal till the last date.

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          • Insha allah hmari hkomat ko allah pak bhot izat diga insha allah .pti. Zinda abad.pti jo gribon ki mdad kr rhi gribon k dil sy doain niklin gi … Ya allah imran khan ko agy waly 10 sal hkomat dy .ameen.zinda abad .pm. Khan

          • Haripur ma his Jaga office ki location a rhi h waha koi office he ni office call kro Tu koi attend he ni krta

          • Sir when we send a CNIC number on 8171 then we receive massage that contact to district intzamia . Who is that inthzamia ?can you you give me a detail about inthzamia

          • My name is owais….i am suffering frm kidney failure disease since last 10 yrs and i am dialysis depending patient during dialysis i also suffered hepatitis c and recently i had paralyzed attack…dear sir i hv 3 kids ..they all earn education in schools at all these problems my family suffer huge problems in our life.. presently i am retired person frm PAF faisal base…with minimum pention amount around 12000….(pentioner
            scale BPS 5)……
            Kindly Registered my application…..
            These all my januane problem…
            Contact No…03138168402

          • اسلام عیلکم سر میرا دادی احساس ایمرجنسی پروگرام اہل ہے لہذا ان کے شوہر کے نام ہے وہ بہت پہلے وفات پا چکا ہے 03357414648

          • Kindly contact on Ehsaas Help Line In-case of Registered persons (Mother/Father) died.. Now simple step is to call on the given number and you will request to change your CNIC after confirmation of death and then you can change your CNIC register any other person of your home..

      • Sir ma gharib hon our mazdori kr bachon ki taleem k ikhrajat ko bardashat nahi kr sakta 7baitiyan our aik baita hay woh bhi berozgar hay esliye help me 03463290247 villeg Chak saida BHALWAL District SARGODHA

      • Dear Sir,

        A friend of mine has applied for this program, and has recieved a ticket, but dose not know what to do next.

        • پلیز جی ھمارا کارڈ بنا دے ھم بہت غریب ہے جی ضلع جھنگ دارلسکیںنہ رور ہتے ہیں جی نابینا افراد ھے جی میری فیملی والے

          • Aap apna cnic 8171 py send kren agr ahl hy to zror milengay agr ahl nhi ya zilly intzamiya sy rabta kren jawab mosol. Ho to inbox me hm sy rabta kren

      • So many villagers are living below poverty line at swabi disst of kpk. They must be included in 2nd phase.why females only are getting the benefits. So many widowers are poor.male persons are poor but they are not taking any benefit from BISP. Billionaires widows are provided extra money.

        • I registered 600 above people’s in my area with ehassas.
          I face some issues after registeration.
          Some peoples father’s or husband died but still they are eligible.
          Kindly tell me how to solve this issue.
          The number 080026477 is not responding. I try many times but unable to connect.
          Please help regarding to this issue.
          Your urgent response is highly appreciated.

    • میرا نام سلطان محمود ہے میری سیلری پندرہ ہزار ہے اور میری دو بچیاں ہیں بیوی میں دو بچیاں والدین کی کفالت مشکل ہے گرافکس ڈئزئنر ہو لیکن اگر مجھے کفالت یا احساس پروگرام کے تحت قرض مل جاے تو اپنی زندگی آرام سے گزار سکتا ہو ۔میرا کل اثاثہ ایک کمرہ ہے میری وزیر اعظم سے گزارش ہے کے میری مدد کی جاے
      سلطان محمود تحصیل و ضلع کوٹلی ڈاکخانہ ٹھہرہ آزادکشمیر

    • حکومتِ پاکستان نے بہت انسان دوست پروگرام کا آغاز کیا ہے اس پروگرام کے تحت غریب طبقے کو سہارا ملے گا اس پروگرام کی کامیابی کیلئے نظام کی شفافیت انتہائی ضروری ہے

      • سلام
        جی آگر کسی عورت کا خاوند مسنگ ھو اور آیمرجنسی کیش شوھر کے نام پر ھو تو بیوی کیسے وصول کرسکتا ہے
        میں سوات سے حبیب خان

        سوات میں 2006سے مسنگ فرسن بھت ہے
        آجکل مسنگ فیملی کے بچے اور فیملی بھت غربت میں ہے

    • I see in sheikhupura many of widows are not included in bisp or ehsas programme schemes and they face much difficulties. So it is therefore requested that necessary action may be taken to added these poors in ehsaas programme and be participated to easier their life

      • Asslam Ali kum sir
        Sir mainy apne gaon main jo dekha
        He ehsaas or bisp gareebon or needy families tak nahain pohch rahi he
        Sir mere gaon sindh main kaafi needy families hain or wo mustahaq he per unko koi or ksi bhi scheme main include nahi hain
        Hum wazir e azam imran khan sahib ko or madam sania nashtar ko request kartain hain k
        Gareeb or mustahiq ko cash milana chahiye
        0300 3229788

    • Sir, I am Arshad Iqbal and I want to registration in Ahsas program please let me know about opportunity 03004625176 thanks

    • Dear sir .
      Im muneeba jabbar doing my education in govt post graduate college . Im a tallented student .to continue my education i need scholarship fund .

    • I’m Pakistani citizen i request to balochistan nadra plzzz help me Sindh migration in balochistan we needed plzzz kindly help me

      • When the program will be start in Ex-FATA.
        Are the government servant with low grade e.g scale 1 to 7. Their wife is eligible for this program.
        B- form is needed of their sons and daughters etc.

      • Sir Today (2nd April 2020) Ok Sirf Itna bta Dain Kay 31th Of March Ko Baqi Kay
        55-Districts Main Yea Ehsas Kafalat Centers ki openning Honi Thee Ok Tu Sirf Ab Yea Bta Dain kay Yaqenan CORONA ki Waja Se Late huwa Hai Yea Plan But If U Dont Mind Ais Mushkil Waqt AUr Lock Down ki Halat Main Sab Se Zyada Zarorat Jaiz Mustahiqeen ko Paisay ki Hai Tu Plz Ais(Ehsas Kafalat) kay Zariye baqi Districts main jald opening karwain Multan City Mian Sab Se Phly ok Bcoz me also Lives In Multan & (My Parents not in this World) Allah Pak Unki Maghfirat Farmaye(Ameen) Unke Darjaat Buland Farmaye(Ameen) Tu Orphans kay Liye AIs Mushkil Waqt Ko Spend Krna Kitna Mushkil hota hai Agay Aap Samjhdaar Hain.. Plz Soon Very Soon Opening In Multan.
        (Ehsas Kafalat Center)

        I Humbly Request Ur All Team & Speacial Request to
        (Mam Sania Nishter)

        • پی ایم عمران خان صاحب مجھے آپ کا پروگرام احساس کفالت پروگرام جس کے ذریعہ لوگوں کو بارہ ہزار روپے مل رہے ہیں اس پروگرام کا سسٹم مجھے صحیح نہیں لگ رہا کیوں ؟کیونکہ آپ نے کہا تھا کہ جس کو نوکری ہوگی اس کو یہ پیسے نہیں ملیں گے جس کو زمین ہوگی اس کو پیسے نہیں ملیں گے جس کو پاسپورٹ ہوگا اس کو پیسے نہیں ملیں گے جن کے نام پر گاڑی ہوگی ان کو پیسے نہیں ملیں گے ۔لیکن سر پروگرام اس کے برعکس چل رہا ہے جن کو نوکریاں ہیں جن کو گاڑیاں ہیں جن کو زمینیں ہیں جن کے پاس پاسپورٹ ہے ان کو پیسے مل رہے ہیں ۔سر میں نے ایسے بھی لوگ دیکھے ہیں جن کے پاس کھانے کیلئے کچھ نہیں ہوتا بچارے وہ اس پروگرام سے مستفید نہیں ہوئے سر اگر آپ کو کوئی بھی پروف چاہیے تو میں اس کے لیے حاضر ہوں

  1. sir Me Hafiz Quran hon Sir mujhi Sehat card or Rachan Card do or mery beve ko ahsas kafaliat card do me buhat greb ho sir allah pak ap ko or ap ke femly ko shad w abad rkhy ga ameen 03012745675 Disstc N / Feroze Sindh

    • Sir,mein berozgar hn,bohat prashan hn,2 batiyon air 1 bete ki kafalat mere zimma hai,mera apna zati ghar bhi nai hai,kraia dar hn,Karachi kam keliye AIA hn,krona virus ki waja she abi tk job nai mili hai,meri wife ka bisp card bhi nai bana hova,kindly request hai meri Mali madad ki jae tk m koi zati karobar kr skon.

  2. I am asking on behalf of few fellow citizens in came across and i believe those should also be included in this programme. Kindly confirm when will this programme be started in Rawalpindi.
    Please sms me on +923008554412

    • Assalam.o.Alaikum
      Sir mn District Bahawalpur ka rahne wala bahot ghareeb ne Business start krna..plz meri madad kren.ta ke mn apna business set kr sakon.

  3. I have a number of poor families in my neighbour which are the real deserves. Will be grateful & appreciate if I may be informed when this program is started in District West Karachi

  4. Sir, it’s excellent project. But , some remote areas of AJK should also be included in 2nd phase. plz don’t forget especially District Kotli,

  5. Dear Sir,

    Am BA Graduate with Computer Courses, have 15 Years Experience of Warehouse Supervisor, Store Keeper of Saudi Arab.
    2 Years Experience of Computer Operator of Pakistan. Last 4 Years i Return back to Saudi Arab. Now Last 11 Months am Job less & getting loan too much.
    I have 4 kids, i can,t afford my daily Routine Expanses.
    Am reach near to Suicide, for God sake any Job for me. Or any Support from the Prime Minister.
    Looking forward for fast Reply. Thanks
    M. Zubair Siddiqui
    WhatsApp. 0342 9158244

  6. i have a job online apply shop plz tell me fast when this start in multan city every body is asking me for this on daily bases thanks

  7. Asslam o alaukum dear sir prime minister sahib mera naam sagheer khan hai men ak trackter driver thaa lekin ab seht theeek naai kaam naai karta drivery ka kindly meri ap se apeale hai k mujhe ehsas amdan program se madad farahm ki jae.thanks
    Men umeed karta hon k meri apeal py amal kiya jae ga Allah Hafiz.
    Sagheer khan s/o Daulat adlana tehsil bhowana district chiniot
    Cnic no.33201-1646462-5)wattsapp no my son.

    • اسلام و علیکم جناب وزیراعظم عمران خان صاحب میری آپ سے درخواست ہے کہ میں ایک غریب گھرانے میں پیدا ہوا اور اس وقت میں ایک بیماری میں مبتلا ہو ں جو تھیلسمیا کے نام سے مشہور ہے اور میں کراچی میں اعلاج کروا رہا ہوں اور میرے چھوٹے چھوٹے4 بچے ہیں اور بڑی مشکل سے زندگی گزر رہی ہے آپ میری مدد کریں اپ کی مہربانی ہو گی شکریہ جناب آپ کا 3210237350963 /03346735847

  8. Sir with most of love and respect for you I beg you that kindly give me kafalat card and sehat card. I m wife of a poor man. We hardly afford our expenses. Iam educated but nothing can do because of my severe illness and no money. I want to educate my children and give them food. We live in single room which is also on rent. Sir kindly help us. Thanks

      • sir pleaze start this soon in Qamabr shadadakot because there is recorded poverty .
        There is system of Bohtar Sardar which is bad and dark night system you can say this Charpat Raja

      • IMDAD.. AOA. Sr mera naam muhammad shahid hai mai gharib faimly se hn hamar apna ghar nai hai Hm karaya ke makan me rehte han. hm 14 ghar ke afrad han bari mushkil se guzara hota hai. mai PM imran khan se appeel karta hn mujhe apna gar de de take karaya ke ghar se jaan choot jae. Taaa hayyaat apke Duago rahenge. Shukriya…. m.shahid cell no.
        03002223227 Id cad no. 32304-4830262-1

  9. Please start this kafalat program in Karachi and all cities in Sindh, we hope PM Imran Khan support all poor families in Pakistan.

  10. sir i am disable person.i have special person sehat card but no ehsaas kafalat card i need it very much my cnic number is 3130316695457 and registered in ehsaas program number is 03023469764 pleas give me ehsaas kafalat program card

  11. Hope this programme will support to poorest household.please consider all desert & barani area throughout pakistan because there is no water and agricultre so low income resources respective area.

    • Respected sir…
      Meri sister k husband ki death hogae ha. Jo Karachi factory me daily wages py kam krta tha. Un k 5 buchy hn amdani kuch b nahe. Plz agr in ki madad ehsas programme k through hosaky.
      Nek afzal from kohat

  12. I am diseable plz muje b mahana wazefa dia jaye.mei shadi shuda hon or mrei 3 betiyan hai muje aaj tak govt ki tarf sey koi b wazefa ni mila plz muje ehsas kafalt parogran mei regstr kia jay.sukria
    I am naveed hussain
    From=faisalabad city

  13. it is very excellent project ,but some some remote areas of KPK like district chitral should also be included in 2nd phase, plz don’t forget specially district chitral tehsil mastuj charun owir.

  14. My name shakeel Akbar belong to kach Banda Hang kp I,m physically disable and jobless, but I have not made disability card. I didn’t show my poverty in the front of anyone but naw a day I,m in pain and live in my brother house with wife and children I have not his own house

  15. Haseena begum from Hyderabad Pakistan
    I want registration in ahsaas program when starting in my city Hyderabad
    My husband death in last 3year i want support thanks for the prime minister imran khan

    • Madad kare hum sub ki ihal kare humko jo Hakdar Hain
      Mere pass ghar nai hai shohar ka
      Karobar nai hai kiya kare hum allha raheem ny ap ko wasila banya hai to madad kare

  16. My sister is widow and she do not have any source of income , she has three kids they all are studying in govt schools, she is also in on rent, we help her out how much we can, i wan to register herself kindly guide either she can have such facility?


  17. Sir i registered a company for export with my husband ‘my husband do iron handmade item we have i rental shop where my husband work we live in rental home from two years we have not get any order our financial position is now to much low haven’t any work not able to buy food not able to pay rent of home and shop kindly if you really help needy white cloth people kindly help me secretly. Awaiting your mob#is 03006178400.

  18. Sir I’m working car wash , I have 3 kids, my monthly income 17000, so sir u support me I setting my familys life,

  19. Sir i am working in a factory my income is 12000 and my wife is working a aya in school and we have rent house and having 3 kids ,sir need your support pleaseeee

  20. Sir i m Widow and i m needy my servey markaz are new Karachi 1 but i cant go due to lockdown that reason i cant go there so can u tell me how i can contact and registration

  21. Hi Sir…
    I am a big worker of PTI myself And made a lot of sacrifices for PTI.What’s behind me because Imran Khan is a sincere person
    Iam very poor man
    Iam married i have 3 childs 2 boys & 1 girl .I don’t have money to forward. My mobile feedback is 15 years of experience.Hey there are little kids.I live in a rent house.I need some money for business.I have great hope from Prime Minister Imran Khan.You will definitely help me inshaallah…
    My Concat # 03009809200 plz help me.I’m so perfect thanks

  22. This is a good program , honourable prime minister has started, we are satisfy from imran khan`s efforts.

    • We needed this opportunity my husband laboratory technician in private hospital this time hospital close ? plzzz help mujhai 12,000 nhi mile ku k hum Sindh se belong karte h ab balochistan m h I’m staff nurse balochistan m comision bhi nhi hua na contrect pe utharahe green kiha Jai plzzzz help thanx

  23. AoA Respected Sir ! I ‘m Master in Political Science having B-ed and computer degree . i’m only one person to support my family having no brother .i’ m very disappointed from my Government i’m tried to apply every where in every department from last 9 years ,still having no gov job, doing job in private school taking only 15000 . its very difficult for me facing a lot of problems .There is no right and no support for needy people . once the government have announced 60 years old age wazeefa i have registered my father CNIC but our senior has not taking any decision yet . having no sehat card my father is palsy patient the life is very tough for the needy people .I request to my Government Prime Minister sb please do help & support the deserves people . I need your support hope my howling sound & painful words will forward to the government . Thanks kpk Mardan

  24. اسلام علیکم
    جناب میں ایک بہت غریب عورت ہو میرا کوٸ
    ذریعۓ آمدنی نہیں ہے میرا شوہرکو فالج ہے ایک بیٹا 2بیٹیاں ہے براۓ مہربانی مدد کرے03360027240

  25. Chonke offices band hay.ham kahan se rejistrashion kri. 8171 se se responce hay k muthaalaqa zilii inthezamia se rabta kre.

  26. Sir.
    Am 66 years old. Am ex Pak Army Special pension holder and my monthly pension is only Rs.500 per month. I spend a lot of time in saudi arabia but now am in category of senior citizen and now a days am with any job, i have my mother, two daughter, wife and a son still studying.
    Plz include me as beneficiary of such programmes.

  27. Respected Sir i am very poor Man i have no source of income My mother is a Daibeties pationt i suffer to meet the House hold expenses. I need for Help PM imran khan Sahab I want Registration in Ehsaas programm in my city Multan plz help me
    0308-8660478 I hope so will help me InshaAllaha

  28. Kitne sms kiye main ap par bohat yaqeen tha imran khan sahib par ap ne madad nahi ghar diya aur na reshan bachu ki bhok main ne dekhi apne ap ko koi parwa nai hai kariy ka ghar 2 bache hain reksha hai shohar ka jo 2hafty se band hai kaha se khay

  29. Dear sir
    that toll free number 080026477
    did not response since last many days i want some correction in eligibility criteria for ahsas relief fund covid19 please active it promptly.

  30. Today I went to a Ehsas centre for emergency relief fund but they refused for this payment and huge crowds of women’s are still waiting for the payments so there are more need to open centres in the country and now the heat seasons begun there is no facility of water and shadow government fail to provide good arrangements
    Abdul Salam Kalhoro
    Mehar Dadu Sindh Pakistan

  31. Sir mery Walid sahab wafat pa chuky Hain or hmari ehsas program ki raqam mery Walid k number py I hai JB k main ny apna CNIC number 8171 py send Kia tha kindly raqam mery CNIC py transfer ki Jaye my CNIC number is 3630343299455

  32. Mare Abu ki death ho gai hai WO ahsas program k ahil hain jiska cnic 4530479613753 hai an pass mari Ami ko milain his ka cnic 4530423776848

  33. From District Muzaffar Garh
    sir mere pas msg aaya hai ke aap apna orignal cnic card le k ehsas program ke qareebi wasooli markz par ja kar 14 april se 12000 wasool krn lekin jb raqam lne gy to woh khte hn koi beneficiaryy error a raha hai plz iska koi solution bta dn

    • I dont understand if you have received the confirmation message of receiving money then why they said “Beneficiary error”.. Can you send what kind of error please visit again at your nearby Ehsaas Center and get the screenshot of error and send us

  34. Muhammad Zahid Id card number 31202-9315947-9 main aik mazoor admi hon mujhy phly benazir income support programme ky zariye passy milty thy jo ky ab kuch arsy se nhe mil rahy meharbani farma ky tawan kijeye or mujhy ehsaas program pakistan main bhe ehal nhe kiya giya

    please contact me 03037543227

  35. Dear Concern,
     I have applied for 8171 for PM Ehsaas program and get messages in reply that 12,000.00 rupees has been transferred in your account. Once i went to office For receiving  money the Team and the representative of.He said you didn’t received any amount.
    For your information and convenience images of message images attached as well. Mine detailed mentioned below as well.


  37. اسلام علیکم جناب عمران خان اپیل ھے کہ میں ایک غریب گھرانہ سے تعلق ھے اس وقت میں بھت زیادہ مجبور ھو آپ سے درخواست ھے کہ مدد کرے خدا کے واسطے میرے 3 بچے ھے شکریہ۔۔۔۔5430386943483…03032752901……

  38. I have upper limb disability my I’d card is also for special persons.I can’t do any thing I m a trains nurse but due to disability I m seeking for help .or even bisp card hi mil jay monthly kch na kch tou paisa ay warna Bht mushkil may hoo

  39. Dear sir I belong to poor family my father was a labour ,any government or private job or not my family we are very needed family in ehsaas fund. plz help us no 03555221391

  40. Sar Ya mem
    Sahib me 1 mazdor 4bacho ka wahid kafeel ho me piraivt company me job kar ta ho so 8171 par sms b kiya pehle ye jawab mosol howa zella e intzami se rabta kare phir ahsas nadra se rigstreshan b kar waya he phir ye jawab ahya k janch par tal k bad mutla kiya jae ga lekin kab tak koi chnfom deth nahi jab k jo sahi mano me ehel b he wo malom nahi kiuo na ehel ka mesig ahya un k pas wo bachare pareshan he our jo sahi mano me na ehel he un ko ehl b karar diya b gaya pese l b liye dakar b de di uno ne to ye sab gareebo k shth to mazak kar rahe ho to batao sar g ab to company ne b berozgar kar diya hame wo b rejstreshan kar wa cuka ho so pliz kuch hilp kar de hamre khtir nahi to bacho ki khtir hi de do
    Pliz our waseela e taleem k liye kiya tareka e kar he bata de pliz wo b take wo zeware taleem se ahrasta ho sake allha pak aap ko gareebo ki sahi mano me madad kr ne ki tofeeq ata far mae ahmeen

  41. Salam dear ajj tak kesi bhi scheme me hame shamel nahi kya gaya Benazeer cash aor rashen ya imran khan ka ehsaas program hame musalsal nazar andaz kya jata raha ha.lehaza ap se dard mandana appeal ha k en programs me hame bhi shamel kar k safed poshi ka lehaz rakh kar ALLAH ki barghah se sawab hasel karne ki sa adat hasel karen .4230110446875

  42. Sir emergency cash k lia apply kia tha naahel ka msg aya jb k me hr trah se AHEL hu me kidney patient hu bht ghareb hu sir muje bht zrorat he plz jldi dilwa de
    Shakeel Ahmed

  43. Greetings Ehsas centre.Iam a student Nazeer Ahmed from District Khairpur Mirs Province Sindh.I want to submit a complaint against small ehsas cnetres which are giving 12000 to the registered candidates after biometric verification.Worthy Ehsas team,they are cutting 500 to 1000 on every 12000.Illetrate people are blackmailed and compelled to give them 500 or 1000 after receiving 12000.Today I accompanied one of poor person.When they cut 500.I asked them not to cut 500 ,they became very pugnacious and forcefully got us out from the office with the help of police soldier.Sir this incident took place in the town Setharja Government Higher secondary School Setharja district khairpur .They are cutting amount illegally with the help of police.Kindly take serious action against these corrupt people.Who are looting poor people.Especially Setharja centre who became very abusive with me in male portion and threatened me to beat me and challenged me that go and submit complain.They said no one will listen you idiot ,be off otherwise we will beat you here.

  44. I àm from swat my father in dubai now he has dismissed we were really poor and our account were blocked how we can receive this money

  45. sir pm imraan khan sahib. mary age 47 saal hay. na shoher hy or na bachey.or na koi aamdani ka mustaqil zariya. kapry silaei kar k guzara karty hoon .laikin ab aankhoon main motia aa gaya hy jis ki waja say yeh kaam karna mushkil ho gaya hy.bilkul akailee hoon . sufaid poshi say zindagi guzaar rahi hoon . issi waja sy insaaf kafaalat fund k liyy apply nahi kia tha .main samjhi thi k lock down mukhtasir dinoon k liyy hy . laikin ab jama poonji bhi khatam ho gaee hy. aisy main ager aap mujhy ahssas fund dy dain to main aap ki mamnoon rahoon gi. main aik syed zadi hoon. logoon k aagy haath nahi phelana chahati . please mujhy iss sakht azmaish sy bacha lain.

  46. Sir. I m Dissable Parson My Name Is Asif Ali Khilji. My 23 Years Old Son Umair Ali His Dissable Sir I Blong Poor Family. So Plz Kindly Give Me Kafalat Card. I Need Your Kafalat Card. Thanking You. Asif Ali Khilji. H/No F.105 Mohallah Mehar Shah Lajpat Road Hyderabad City. Mob. 03152821080.

  47. Mera CNIC number 41103-4275824-1 hy or main bohat gareeb labour ho merbani kr k ahesas qifalat cash program sy merry help ki jay.

  48. Mera tanvir me garib hu mazdoori krta hu or Papa ik hadse me fot ho Chike he mujhe koi msg nhi Aya Mera Hal h plz check kro me garib hu

  49. Assalam O Alaikum hmara karobar nai chal Raha airlines band hony ki waja sy plz hamare madad karain hamaray bachon ki school ki fees nai gaee Ghar main raahan nai ha koi madad nai kar Raha

  50. Asalam u alaikum sir meri ami ke shuhar nhi hain onki aledgi hogai hai aik beti aur aik beta hai meri ami koi chota karobar chahti hain ager yeh fake nhi hai to please rabta kren

  51. assalam.o.alaikum mera name arif khan hai aur me shadi shuda hun aur peshawar ka rehnay wala hun aur me intehai ghareeb hun na meri koi nokri hai k me apnay bachon k pait palta rahun 03129161031 cell fone number

  52. سر اسلام علیکم
    میرے بہت بڑے فیملی ھے اٹھ میرے بچے اور پانچ میرے سوتیلی بہنی اور ایک ۱۲ بارہ سال کا سوتیلہ بھای ہے میرا ابو کا انتیقال ہوا ھے اور بہن بھای اور سوتیلی ماں میرے ساتھ ھے تین بہنو کی اور ایک بیٹی کی اور ایک بیٹا کے شادی کر چکے ہے اور ایک بیٹاکی اور ایک بہن کے شادی کاdate دیچکاھے
    اور می کردہ کا مریض ھو اور میرے بیوی کے پتہ می پتھری اور پیٹ می رہ سو لی ھے اور می پراویٹ ڈرایونگ کرتاھو ۲۰ ھزار تنخواہ ھے اور ایک بیٹا دوای کی کمپنی می کام کرتاھے ۱۰ دس ھزار وہ لاتاھے دوسرا بیٹا بےروزگار ھے
    لہذا اپ سے گذارش ھے کی ھمی ھیلت کارڈ دیا جاے اور ھمی کفالت اےٹیایم کارڈ دیاجاے تاکے ھم اپنے علاج کراسکے اور ماھانہ کچھ نہ کچھ کفالت ہو اللہ ھم سب کا حامی و ناصر ہو امین
    جذاک اللہ خیر

  53. السلام وعلیکم جناب ہمیں اس پروگرام سے ایک روپے کی بھی مدد نہیں ھوئی رجسٹریشن بھی کی جا کر بھی کروائی سب کیا پر کچھ نہیں ھوا میں بہت غریب ھوں میرے شوہر کا بھی کوئی کام نہیں گھر بھی کرائے کا ھے میں ہم بہت پریشان ہیں پلیز ہیلپ کریں

  54. Bismilla hirrahma nirraheem. Please Misster PM un ladkion aur khawateen keliye kuch karen jo gharon mein band rahti hain.Unki family yani baap,bhai,aur yanhan tak ke maam bhi unko kuch nahin deti. Na unka koi ilaaj karwata hai na unko khane aur pehane ko dete hain. Na unko poori taleem delwate hain,na unki shadi hone dete hain,Unke family wale zaberdasti unse kaam karwata hain, har roz unko gande ilzaam,gandi gaalian,maar aur ghar se nikaalne ki dhamkian dete hain.Un keliye bhi koi card banaden jo har umar ki ladkion aur khawateen ko Lazmi mil jaye, jis se unko monthly raqam aur unka apna ghar aur unke poore haqooq unko mil jayein aur unko unki family ya koi bhi nuksan na de, isleye unki hifzat ki zimdari haqumat pakistan ki ho. Shukaria.

  55. hakomat ka ajeb system hai sirf apny chahny waloon ko hee nawaz rahi hai zarorat mandoon ko na ahl ka sms ajata hai
    meri salery 8000/ hai mery 4 bachey hain aur mujhy na ahl ka sms ata hai

  56. AOA mj message Aya ha or ma HBL ATM gye tee wo mre thumb KO accept ni kr rhy ty I’d SA log kh rhy ty k ya MSG’s ay ha pr pysay abi tk ni ay ab ma kdr SA wasool krun from mardan

  57. Sir Aslam_0_Alaikum
    Sir Mera Name Muhammad Tahir Khan hai or main Muzaffargarh k choty sy town shah jamal se belong krta hn sir meri ap se kindly request hai k mjy govt job di jy jo main apni qualification ke base p deserv krta hn.. Sir mn ne bahot sari vacancies pe apply kr chuka hn but hamry selector sirf unhein select krty hain jo un ke jaib garam krein mtlb rishwat pe sab kaam ho rhy hain… Marit wali to koi bat bhi nh hai.. Sir ap he btain is situation main hum kahan jain or kahan se paisa collect kr ke unhein dein..sir please help me?

  58. Aussalam o alikum sir mashallha pm Saab aap me neek kaamon ka Beira uthayA hai allha app ko kamyab Kate aameen sir mera. Naam GHULAAM mustafA hai mein sheikhupura say hon mein hepatitis c ka mareez hon merit umar 40 saal hai 4 bhchhon ka akeela kamany wala hon walda bhi bemar gain pehly ehsas imdad say 12000mily thy shukria pm Saab an sir meri bari beti ki shadi karni hai mere pass khuch ni dosre buchhon ki taleem ka b masla hai plz help karien sir an mujh mein himmat in rahi

  59. A.o.A kindly ye btaien k jin ko ehsaas cash mila tha pichle saal covid mei kiya un ko again mile ga. 2nd ye btain k hm ne 13 april 21 ko cnic 8171 per msg kiya hai to reply mei ye aya hai AAP EHSAAS REGISTRATION CENTRE PER JA KR SURVEY KA INDRAAJ KRWAIEN. THANKS

  60. mujy sir pehli kist mill gaye the last year ab msg kiya to kehty hain app ahal nahe plz solve this problem thanks

  61. Mam Sania Assalam-o-Alaikum! Mam ap na essas program start ka ha but mara father essas program ma hala ta magara ap na mara father ka 2020 ma rupees na da ta.My father is a poor man.My father is a labour man.Mam please help me.Thanks.

  62. Sir,
    Assalam o Allaikum
    mera taluq jacobabad sindh se he sir hamari fmily k kisi bhi farad ko abhi tak ehsaas kafaalat k pesy nhi mily hen aur jub bhi msg send karty hen to reply ati he k ap na ehal hen jub ke hamari family se koi bhi govt empoly nhi he sir kindly guide karein ap ki mehbani hogi
    jaza ka Allah

  63. M private job krta hn or mahana 28 hzar kmata hun Mera ghr b apna nai ha or meri kafalt m mere walid Bivi 3 beachy or 2 behn bahi Jan total 8 afraid hain guzara bohat h mushkal se Hota hai na mujhy sehat card kliye aehal qrar Diya jata hai or na Kisi or help sceame main.plz meri itni help ki jay k m apni family ki kafalt izat se KR sakon or apny bachon ko parha sakon.

  64. sir m ayaz ali joyo my father name khair muhammad joyo sir hum buht gareeb hain baap or beta dono mazdoori krty hain humain ehsas kifalat waly pese bhi nhe milly or na koi ration mila sir ruqest krta hn imdad k pese bhi diye jaye or ration bhi or hamari help bhi kie jae plz hum mazdoor hain plz plz

  65. Respected sir, My family eligible for ehsaas program 2021 But still not yet received any message from 8171 ,Sir please my family chic may please be included in ehsaas program list I shall be thankful to you for this kind of action

  66. Assalamu Alaikum pm Imran Khan sahab Sar Mohammed Zulfikar baat kar raha hun Dera Ghazi Khan se sar Sar Ehsaas ki Falak program Mein Mujhe Na l kar diya Gaya Hai Jab Ke Main nihayat Garib aur pass Mand ka ilaaj se baat kar raha hun Sar Ek to berojgari hai aur bacche bahut hai Mashallah Jiski Bina Par Main apne ghar ka Bojh Nahin Utha Sakta Sar Agar Meherbani ho sake to sar mere mujhe l kar dijiye Ehsaas ki Falak program mein Aapki Meherbani Hogi Shukriya sar aur Sar ji Jab Ke Mere Shrinath ticket ka number hai 32 102 40 80 3 529 hi

  67. اسلام وعلیکم میں ایک نہایت ہی غریب بندہ ہوں والد صاحب بزرگ ہیں ایک بھائی ہے جو ذہنی طور پر مریض ہے میرے پانچ بچے ہیں مزدوری کرتا ہوں
    اور گھر کا نظام بڑی مشکل ہے چلتا ہےبرائے مہربانی میری مدد کی جائے

  68. Dear Sir ma district okara ka raheshi hon meri zati koi property nhi ha yahan Tak k gar bhi nh ha pr mery grany ko ehsas kafalat program men na ehl qrar dia ja rha ha , kun ???????

  69. A.o.a sir mera nam kamran ha or meri ami ka nam mansab bibi ha mery walid sb fot ho chuky hain 22 sal ho gaye hain meri ami bewa ha unky pesy abhi tk ni aaye or hamary muhaly main jinki gov jobs hain unky b pesy aa rhy hain meri district lodhran ha tahseel dunya pur ha plz sir hamary sth insaf kia jaye hamari family main kisi ki b gov job ni ha private job krta hn main or mera bhai rukshaa chlata ha

  70. Sir may name is khurramshad mobile number 03024603413 sir maine pahlay bhi kosis ik is bar phir mujhe nai miltay mai prvt job kartay hon school may or school band pay band karay k ghar may rakhta hon 10hazar katya bharta hon mujhe zarort hoti hai har mnth par msg Kia 8171 pe par koi faida nai 35202-2336707-3 I’d card number hai agar aap kuch kar saktay hain to plzz

  71. سر میں ایک غریب گھرانے سے تعلق رکھنے والا ھوں میرے 4 بچے ھیں اور میں اکیلا کمانے والا ھوں مجھے بھی اساس پروگرام میں شامل کیا جائے

  72. siir m bht gareeb hn apna ghr bh nh karaye k ghr pr rehty hen plz help sir plz mujhy 12000 bh nh milty kiya hm ahl nh hen hm to paida bh esi pak zameen pr howe hen plz sir help main sindh k sehr daharki main rehta hn ye mera nmbr he apki help ka intzar rehega 03150390698

  73. Madam ehsaas kafalat ka maseg AIA ha mare pas tuo is ma lekha ha alflha bank sa pass wasol Karen alflha bank wale khate hamare pass as ka sysetam nhe ha nawab shah buranch

  74. Sir meri mother ka last year bhi name aya tha finger verification ka msla bna tha wo bhi nai milay ab again website p check kren to ehl hota hai sim p nai ata mehrbni frma k hmra koi hal. Nikalen mri walida bewa hain

  75. Kahn sahib mn b iehl hun bv ha bachy hn magr krobar nahi ha aehsas case ka b aehl nahi hun bary bary log Jo lahko mn pesy lyty hn uno ny b aehsas case k pesy ley magar hm logo ko kuch nahi mila

  76. Sir ham bahut ghareeb hai mera name m, zeshan ha meri mai mazdor ho meri ami bemar rehti hai plz us ka kafalat card bana dai 03006793017

  77. sir m pichly bar ahsas kafalat program k liye ahel tha or ab mujy msg mila h k mari walida govt servent h lakin asa kuch b nai h mari walida bilkul b nai h os ko tho apna name likna tk nai ata tho pir m kiya kro m bahot ghareeb ho plzplzsir ap kuch kry

  78. Sable madam hum log buht ghareb hain mera shuhar driver hai magar abi berozgar hai ap iski koi driving mai job dilwa dain enki age 32 hai metric pas hain 03045832370 out kya hum ehsas kafalat program mai shamil hain k nh.cnic .4420372757923

  79. اسلام علیکم
    جناب میں احساس پروگرام میں اہل تھا۔ لیکن مجھے ابھی تک احساس پروگرام کا پہلا قسط بھی نہیں ملا۔ 03460449822

  80. Ye sb chor hain Allah ke qasam jin ka unko mill ni raha or nahaq logo ko 21000 mily 12000 Ehsas kafalat k or 9000Benzir income k meri Walida Bewa hy lekin unko ni mila or hamsay jo zamindar hy unko 21000 kal ko inko hisab dena ho ga

  81. Assalam-u-alaikum sir my name is Kashif Mehmood s/o Rehmat Ali and I belong to middle class family and I am a student of LLB part 2 in toppers law college in lahore …or main aik private office main clerk hn mari salary 8000 ha so help me in my study….

  82. AoA,

    i am waseem from lahore cant, i send a sms to 8171 for ahsas cash program, and i received a reply please visit your nearest ahsas kafalat program for registration, i am searching ahsas registration center but i could not found, please guide about neatest ahsas registration center in lahore…

    Thanks & Regards,
    Waseem Akram

  83. 1981 se lekar aaj 2021 tak ham lakho Maighero pr Jun or July Ke 2 maah fishing pr pabandi lagadi jati hai Haam mahighero ko har saal 2 mahine berozgar Kardia jata hai or koi hamse hamara hall pochne wala nahi hota plz Apki bohat zada merbani hogi aap ye pabandi hamesha Ke leye khatam karwade Apki merbani hogi Ye pabandi fishing pr nahi balke hamare bacho ki pait pr laghai Jati hai in 2 mahino me mahighero ke halat Ye hote hai Ke in Ke pass Khane ko kuch nahi hota Dawai keleye paise nahi hote Agr koi marjay to kafan ke leye paise nahi hote Kia Ye Pakistani nahi hai Kia Ye logh insan nahi hai Kia Ye apka Naya Pakistan hai jisme koi mahigher ke ghar me Bimar hoto hospital me Jane ka karaya nahi hai khuda ke waste ab in gharib mahighero pr zulm band Kare ab to carona aya hai khudaki kasam Kal in gharibo Ki baddua lage ghi to kayamat b apne waqt se Pele aajayegi atne saloon Se Ye nalahik hukmeran apni hukmirani karahai hai Kabi kesi ne anse anka haal tak nahi pucha Ye pabandi jinghe ki nasaal khatam na ho asleye laghai Ghai hai lekin insan Ki nasaal bele khatam hojae in zalim hukmirano ko koi fark nahi parta Agr PM sab apme insani hamdardi hai to plz khuda Ke waste Ye pabandi hamesha Ke leye khatam karwade Apki merbani hogi or in gharibo ki Apko dua melegi or kuch nahi hai an gharibo ke pass Apko dene keleye me thora sa zazbat me sogaya or koi bhat Agr kesi sahib ko bori lage to mafi chata hun lekin jo bhat hakikat hai who b nahi chupana nahi chata ke thorese din Agr kesi b jagha lokdon hoto logh chikh pakarte hai lekin in Mahighero pr to har saal June or July me lokdon lagaya jata hai or koi puchene Wala B nahi hai

  84. Sir mujy mery bacho ky ly mahana madrasy ka pees jo ky 3200 ropy hy ki zarorat hy my dehari karat ho kabi kam miljata hy awr kabi nahe be milta to plz mere madad kary

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