Hiring of Accommodation Rules

If you are are a federal government servant and want to know the exact criteria of hiring of accommodation rules. You must read and understand the information given below and check if your organization or department allows you to get hiring of any private house.

Hiring of Private Accommodation

We will define all the steps for the hiring of private accommodation rules under categories and classes which is helpful for every Federal Government employee working in Pakistan;

Location of Private House:

A Federal Government Servants may locate a private house of his entitlement (annex-E) for hiring through Estate Office in the areas specified by Ministry of Housing and Works, Government of Pakistan, as per prescribed scales of covered area and specifications. The seniority as per GWL shall not apply to such cases of hiring.

Application Form for Hiring of Accommodation:

The application for hiring of accommodation shall be received on the Proforma given at annex-B-I. This form shall be forwarded by the department or Ministry of the FGS under a covering note certifying that all the particulars given in the application form are correct.

In Case of Government Employees Transfer/Posting:

If a FGS on his transfer or posting from a non-entitled organization is allowed by such organization to retain the accommodation in his occupation, such accommodation may be taken over by Estate Office on its pool on payment of its rent as approved by such organization or a sum equal to the occupant’s rental ceiling whichever is less.

Who will Allow Hiring of Accommodation From Date of Application:

A privately owned accommodation shall be hired with effect from the date of occupation given in permission letter issued by the Ministry of Housing and Works. However, Ministry of Housing and Works may allow the hiring of an accommodation from the date of application or date of vacation of previous house.

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Rates of Rental Ceiling:

A house or flat shall be hired at the rates assessed by the assessment board or the rental ceiling of the FGS or the demand of the owner which ever is less. The difference between the rent fixed by the government and the demand of owner shall be paid by the FGS direct to the owner and the government shall not be a party to this transaction.

Assessment of Rent of Accommodation:

The assessment of rent of accommodation hired at various stations will be carried out by an Assessment Board as may be constituted by the Ministry of Housing and Works. The assessment board shall submit its report on the assessment proforma given at annex-F.  The lease period of a hired house shall ordinarily be for three years which may be extended by the competent authority with the consent of the owner and allottee.

Renewal of Rental Accommodation:

An allottee of a hired house shall, three months before the expiry of the period of lease, either persuade the owner for its renewal and produce his consent or shall himself find another house or flat for hiring through the Estate Office. The Estate office shall in no way be responsible to provide alternate accommodation for hiring to
the allottee of a hired house.

A hired or requisitioned house shall be allotted at the station of posting of the FGS by issuing allotment letter in the Form set out in annex-G.

Self Hiring Rules:

If a FGS, who is otherwise eligible for allotment of Government accommodation under these rules from the Estate Office pool, owns a house or flat or his spouse or dependent children own a house in the areas allowed by Ministry of Housing and Works for hiring at the same station, he may be allowed to reside in such a house or flat as per rule 8.

Where a FGS is allowed to live in a house owned by him or his spouse or dependent children, the house rent payable to him shall be restricted to maximum rent of the class of his entitlement or the assessed or computed rent which ever is less.

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Hiring of Accommodation Rules

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  1. If the accommodation hired by a Federal Govt employee through his office is ownwd by his / her parents, then this hiring would fall under ‘self hiring’ or ‘private hiring’. pl respond. If there is any letter to this effect is available, then please share it.

  2. An employee serving in Rawalpindi and residing in Islamabad what will his rate of hiring because two different rate have been notified for Rawalpindi and Islamabad

  3. hiring a house for grade 1 to 16 employees is herculean task. so much documentation puzzels the person. it should be minimised. its not a welfare in true sense.

  4. if the house is owned by government officer and his brother. and ceiling area covers the part where government offcer resides. now will it be considered self-hiring?
    any feedback would be highly appreciated.

  5. Sir if a FGS have his own house in Islamabad and his family lives in his native town or city can he applied for self hiring.i mean the person live alone.sir plz respond with relevent rules.

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  7. fGS ki private hiring k liye jaga ka leased hona zaruri hai? Jb k accommodation Rules main esa kuch nhi likha k jaga lease hona zaruri hai. Kindly guide as per rules


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