Possession of Vacant Accommodation Rules

The vacant possession of the hired house shall be delivered to its owner through the concerned Enquiry Office by giving seven days’ notice at his last known address.

At the time of vacation of allotted Government accommodation, the allottee shall hand over its possession to the Enquiry Office and obtain a receipt thereof in duplicate, which shall include an inventory of the fixtures and fittings available in such accommodation and the up to date position of the service charges paid by him.

Hiring of Vacant Accommodation Rules

The outgoing allottee shall produce up-to-date paid utility bills and make payment for deficiencies or damages caused to the accommodation beyond normal wear and tear at the time of handing over possession of the house or flat to the Government or the owner as the case may be. In case he fails to do so, he shall not be issued NOC by the Estate Office.

The handing or taking over by Enquiry Offices and the owner shall not be delayed for want of clearance of utility bills or for making up deficiencies or damages in the said house.

On vacation of allotted accommodation, the Federal Government Servant shall obtain a NOC from the Estate Office upon production of the vacation report and inventory of the Enquiry Office.

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A Federal Government Servant is in heavy arrears of rent or other dues, including the unpaid cost of damages or deficiencies caused to the property during his occupancy and utility bills left unpaid by him. The Estate Office shall not issue NOC.

In case of his posting or deputation within the country or abroad, the AGPR/DBA/CAO or the department of the FGS, as the case may be, shall not release the house rent allowance or issue the Last Pay Certificate till issuance of NOC from the Estate Office.

The Estate Office shall refer the case of defaulters to the AGPR, DBA or CAO as the case may be for the recovery of dues from the salary of the defaulting allottees at the source.

To allow the processing of pension cases of the retiring or expired allottees, the No Demand Certificate shall be issued subject to the following conditions, namely:

  • He shall clear all the dues including utility bills or damages or deficiencies up to the date of retirement;
  • Where the retired or deceased allottee or his family is allowed to retain the accommodation for the prescribed period, the FGS shall submit a valid undertaking that in case of non-clearance of utility bills, damages or deficiencies reported in the accommodation, the amount may be recovered from his pension; and
  • A pensioner who is allowed to retain the accommodation after his retirement defaults, the matter shall be referred to AGPR, DBA or CAO as the case may be for recovery of dues from his pension.
  • A Federal Government Servant who has joined on transfer or posting from another station shall produce a No Demand Certificate in respect of accommodation if any occupied by him at the previous station before he is allotted accommodation at the place of a new posting.
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Possession of Vacant Accommodation Rules

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