Instructions in Pursuance of Meeting with Teachers Union Muttahida Mahaz Ustazah

Government of the Punjab, School Education Department has issued the official Notification letter on 29th November, 2019 in connection with Instruction in pursuance of meeting with representatives of teachers union Muttahida Mahaz Ustazah.

A meeting on the subject was held on 28-10-19 at 3:00 PM under the Chairmanship of Secretory, School Education Department (SSE) in her office. Following decisions, made in the meeting, are hereby circulated for compliance.

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After a detailed discussion the following decisions were arrived at with consensus:

i). Regularization of BS-14, 15, 17 & 18 cases shall be expedited.

ii). In service promotion process will be expedited; both in districts and in SED Secretariat. All districts to convene promotion meetings every month. Promotion cases of General and ex-MCL Cadres will be expedited.

iii). IT teachers shall not be entrusted any clerical or data uploading task which is frequently required by the monitoring regimes. No IT teacher shall be surrendered under the pretext that he failed or refused to perform non-teaching functions which are not a part of his job description.

iv). Fines, under any pretext, will not be imposed on the teachers.

vi). IT teachers will voluntarily train the office and clerical staff to perform data uploading duties efficiently.

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vii). All cases of time scale promotion of SSTs shall be decided by the CEOs an all cases to be processed as per FD’ letter and no new condition will be added. Cases shall be processed as per the service length and instead of committees, every file shall be decided on case to case basis by the relevant officer. In fact the FD has started in its letter dated 27-11-2019 that time scale promotion is not promotion (rather it is an upgradation). Therefore, conditions of promotion are not to be applied i this case.

viii). All kinds of approved leaves shall not be treated as absence in monitoring indicators.

Instructions in Pursuance of Meeting with Teachers Union Muttahida Mahaz Ustazah

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